Handy Tips to Keep Your Intimates Fresh and Fragrant While Travelling

If you’re planning to take a trip soon, read on and take note of these useful tips to keep your intimates fresh while travelling so that your new adventure does not become an unbearable experience. After all, the more prepared you are for something challenging like travelling, the less stressful and anxious it will be.


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Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner

Keeping your cool while travelling can be a challenge. Whether it’s the lack of sleep from overnight flights, bus rides or general stress from being in a new place, your normal routine and habits can take a hit on a trip. However, keeping fresh isn’t impossible — you just need to plan ahead, bring the right essentials and have the right attitude. Staying hydrated, eating well and getting enough rest are all important factors in keeping your cool while travelling.

It won’t always be easy, but here are some tips to keep you feeling fresh on any trip.

1. Pack a separate hygiene kit in your travel bag

It is important you make room in your luggage for a travel kit filled with the essentials you need while travelling. Some of the essentials in your hygiene kit will include:

  • Wipes

  • Toilet seat sprays and covers

  • Other kinds of scents and sprays

  • Period essentials

  • Travel-sized soaps and sanitizers

  • Fabric conditioners

Comfort Delicates

Apart from the essentials mentioned above, did you know that fabric conditioners can also work wonders on your delicates and help in maintaining hygiene? Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner is a great pick to keep your intimates fresh and hygienic during your travels. Comfort Delicates provides gentle care and unbeatable softness for delicate fabrics and lingerie. In addition, the fragrance of soft peonies and spring lilies keeps them smelling fresh! Comfort Delicates is a dermatologically tested formula with 99.9% antibacterial action, designed to be safe and soft on the skin!

2. Soak your used intimates in hot water

If you’re staying somewhere that has a washing machine, use it and If a washing machine is not available, you can always soak your intimates in a bucket of lukewarm water along with some laundry detergent and leave them for some time. Later, wash them off with hot water and use a fabric conditioner for added hygiene and fragrance. Hot water helps to kill bacteria and germs, but it also helps to release dirt from your clothes. Using hot water also releases wrinkles from clothes better than cold water does.

GSC Tip: Make sure to carry a few cloth bags to segregate and keep your soiled intimates separate from your unused laundry.

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3. A fabric conditioner specially made for your delicates

Washing your lingerie is optimal because who wouldn’t want a safety net of extra delicates during travel? You can carry a small bottle of liquid detergent and fabric conditioner to hand wash your delicates on the go. Soak and rinse in the bathroom sink and use towel racks to dry out these delicates. A great habit is to include a fabric conditioner for your delicates like Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner, which provides 99.9% anti-bacterial action and keeps your delicate fabrics and lingerie soft. All you need to do is soak your intimates in the Comfort Delicates fabric conditioner and water solution for just five minutes after a detergent wash. Doing this can help get that extra gentle care that your favourite lingerie or delicates require. The great thing about Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner is that you can use it for both bucket washing and machine washing!

4. Always run the intimates on a gentle cycle, if you plan to use the machine

The load for the trip should include your intimate garments. Make sure you’re washing them on a gentle cycle, as the tough cycles can cause damage to the fabrics. Also, make sure you wash them separately from your other clothes if you plan on washing them too. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the water for an added fragrance.

5. Wash stained or soiled fabrics separately while travelling

If your clothing is stained or soiled, you’ll want to wash it separately. Be mindful of the detergent you use to wash the garments — especially if the fabric is delicate. Laundry detergent is usually formulated to clean a wide range of fabrics, so it’s often best to stick with the recommended formula. You can also try a stain remover or concentrated liquid formula for the stains. Be sure to follow the instructions, as these products vary in dilution and application. If your clothes are particularly delicate, you may want to hand wash them. This gentler approach will help preserve the colour, texture and overall quality of your clothing.

6. Air dry the laundry while travelling

Air drying your clothing is much more gentle on your fabrics than using the dryer. Some fabrics can be damaged by exposure to heat, so air drying is a great way to preserve their colour and texture. You can also use this time to de-stress. Try some yoga poses in a quiet, open space and let the sun do the work! If you’re in a hurry, you can usually get away with line drying in shaded, breezy areas. But if you’re in a humid or tropical climate, you may want to dry your clothes indoors.

7. Always carry extra pair of lingerie before you travel

If you’re travelling and staying in hostels or other accommodations, it’s a good idea to carry an extra pair or two of your intimates. You don’t want to wear the same garments every day, and it’s hard to know how clean the hotel laundry is. Bring your own clothing, and keep your garments clean and fresh. You can also try travelling with a few scent sprays or incense sticks to help drown out any unpleasant odours in your room.

GSC Tip: You can always roll up your intimates in a pair of pants or trousers that you’re carrying for your trip. This will help you save space in your bag as well.

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Frequently asked questions on intimates fragrance

Does washing my underwear in hot water kill bacteria?

Wash your underwear in lukewarm water as scalding hot water may harm the delicate fabric and cause colour fading and shrinkage. In terms of hygiene, soaking your underwear in mild detergent followed by a fabric conditioner will be sufficient.

How should I deal with period stains while travelling?

Just hold the stained area under cold running water for a few minutes and then rinse the area. Or you can simply soak stained underwear in cold water for 10 minutes or overnight before washing it on a cold cycle.

What is the ideal way to wash bras?

There’s nothing gentler than the touch of your hands on your delicates. Cool water, a gentle detergent, fabric conditioner and some light handwashing will maintain the frills, lace and beautiful shape of the bras.

Should I dry my padded or underwire bra in a washing machine?

It is advisable to air dry your special bras by hanging them to dry or placing them on a flat surface. Avoid twisting or squeezing them as that can ruin the padding or bend the underwire out of shape.

Will ironing my lingerie damage the fabric?

There are no issues with ironing your lingerie. However, we recommend using low heat. The temperature of the iron will also depend on the fabric of your lingerie as materials like cotton, silk, rayon and polyester all respond to different temperatures.

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