Here's How You Can Avoid Ruining Your Lingerie During Winters

There is more to washing your intimates than perfectly measuring your detergent and buying a mesh bag. While you may have a set routine, there are some dos and don’ts you should know so that your intimates keep giving you that oh-so-soft feeling. Read on.


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Washing Delicate Fabrics
Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner

Finding lingerie that fits just right and feels great is a task by itself. So, when you invest in a piece that fulfils all your criteria, avoid a fashionable heartbreak and maintain your lingerie in its best state.

Imagine having to put all your clothes, including your delicates, into the washing machine, only to discover later that the colour of your favourite floral shirt has transferred to your favourite lace bra! Isn’t it a decision you’re already regretting?

Be it hygiene or the caution with which you wash your lingerie, remember that your delicates are delicate for a reason.

So to take good care of these delicates, add a step to your wash routine that will lather them with love and treat them gently. All you have to do is soak your delicates in the goodness of Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner post-detergent wash for five minutes. Not only will the conditioner coat every fibre in a protective layer but also maintain your delicate fabrics from repeated washing. And what’s more? It will leave your delicates blooming with the fragrance of soft peonies and spring lilies.

Read along to find 5 common mistakes to avoid that can damage your delicates.

Comfort Delicates

Washing its Lifeline Away

Be it the comfortable t-shirt bra that accompanies you all day or the expensive set of lace lingerie that you’ve set aside for vacations, just go gentle on their maintenance. Getting done with washing your clothes and innerwear in a single load would be great. Agreed it may be hassle-free, but it most definitely isn’t risk-free. The process is sure to damage your lingerie’s fabric, elasticity, and cause its colour to fade. Lingerie that looks nothing like the day you bought it, and a fit that’s so odd, you’re probably reconsidering the splurge! Totally not worth it for something that keeps you comfortable, your posture steady, and your confidence high.

Simply wash your delicates by soaking them in cool soap water to retain their newness.

Treat Your Delicates with Care

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With all that lace, that lingerie does check the box of fancy and pretty innerwear you’re looking for. But pretty delicates come at the cost of careful maintenance. As much as you’re in two minds about putting them in the washing machine after a long day, it’s also not ideal to leave them unwashed or worse, wearing them before they’re completely dry. Wearing damp lingerie poses a serious health risk to intimate hygiene. And, drying it in your machine dryer puts your delicates’ lifeline in danger. The heat tends to damage the fabric, melt the underwire of the bra and can affect the elasticity of the band, leaving you with a shrunken piece of cloth. And there’s definitely no upside to this situation.

The best way to let your innerwear dry is by gently squeezing out the excess water and letting it air dry on a flat surface or by hanging it on a drying rack. Just a word of caution, hang your bras by the area between the cups to avoid stretching them out.

After all, there’s nothing better than air drying! Another plus point is that sunlight helps eliminate harmful bacteria. So let nature work its magic and be the saving grace, at least for your lingerie.

Repeating the Same Lingerie Everyday

We do have that one favourite bra that we would want to wear every day. Let’s face the truth, we wouldn’t even mind wearing the same, unwashed bra every single day. However, how good is this for you and your delicates? Let’s not stress your favourite bra and give it a break if you are planning to sustain it for a longer period of time. Regular wear of inners can lead to the fabric losing its freshness and turning dull. To avoid this, all you need to do is add a few more minutes to your lingerie washing routine. Whether your lingerie was a part of the washing machine load or hand-washed, either way, it deserves extra care. Simply soak your delicates in water with some Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner. This extra care will leave your delicates looking fresh and you feeling great. Bonus? It’s dermatologically tested making it safe on delicate skin!

Did You know?

One of the common reasons for body acne is sweaty undergarments because higher levels of dampness cause excess oil production, clogged pores, and the building of bacteria leading to breakouts.

Stacking Your Lingerie & Clothes Together

Does your cupboard look like your laundry bag? We understand, that’s probably everyone’s life story. While washing and drying are the two most integral aspects when it comes to caring for your lingerie, the little things matter just as much. One of these factors includes how you store your delicates. Piling up your bras and underwear in the wardrobe with the rest of your clothes is one thing you ought to steer clear off. Delicate, soft fabrics need to be stored separately, giving them some space to breathe.

Wondering how you’d go about a process so tedious? Create three or four compartments to divide your collection of lingerie. Invest in a lingerie laundry bag to store the ones which need a wash. Also, be mindful of how you store your lingerie. Avoid wriggling and crumpling. Instead, fold each and every piece carefully to not only keep your drawer or shelf look organized but also helps extend its lifeline.

Unnecessary Regular Wash

There is no replacement for regularly washing your delicates. However, this practice comes with its own downside. Washing your bras every day will reduce their lifespan. Washing lingerie too often can take away months or years off the garment’s shelf life. Wearing or repeating a bra twice a week is the ideal time span before you decide to soak it in love. Washing it frequently will result in losing shape and elasticity, which is sure to snatch away the oomph factor out of it! So be sure to schedule your lingerie wash accordingly.

Laundering your delicates properly is essential, as opposed to simply being about looking fresh and smelling brand new. Inners that are properly cared for retain their shape and continue to fit your body as they did the day you purchased it. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned pointers will enable you to extend the life of your expensive, fragile shapewear and make them last a little longer. We’ve addressed most mistakes that most neglect, and how to make sure they’re not repeated.

GSC Tip: To avoid having to wash your intimates in a separate load of laundry, use a mesh bag and place your garments in it while washing other clothes.


How should I get rid of period stains from my underwear?

Just hold the stained area under cold running water for a few minutes and then rinse the area. Or you can simply soak stained underwear in cold water for 10 minutes or overnight before washing on a cold cycle.

Is it okay to iron our lingerie? Does it damage the delicate fabric?

Definitely, you can iron your lingerie. However, using low heat is recommended. The temperature of the iron can also depend on the fabric of your lingerie as cotton, silk, rayon and polyester, all respond to different temperatures.

How should I dry an underwire bra?

Kindly hang it or let it dry flat on a surface. Avoid twisting or squeezing as it can ruin the cup size or even bend the underwire out of shape.

Can I wash my underwear in hot water to kill away bacteria?

Washing underwear in hot water may harm the delicate fabric and may cause colour fading and shrinkage. As a result, using cold water is preferable. In terms of hygiene, soaking underwear in mild detergent followed by a fabric conditioner will be sufficient.

How often should I replace my underwear?

This highly depends on you and should be considered your personal choice. But, if you are struggling with the elastic being stretched out, torn-out fabric, and uncomfortable underwear; you should absolutely get a new one!

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