How to Remove Stains from Coloured Clothes

Staining a favourite blue shirt or that classic red dress that makes you stand out in parties can send you into panic mode. Read on to know how to remove stains from coloured clothes and keep them looking as good as new.

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How to remove stain from coloured clothes
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We have all been there, an accidental splash of tea on a summery yellow dress, a slip in the garden while wearing beige coloured pants or a splattering of ink by a pen in the pocket of  a blue formal shirt. The outcome is often an ugly stain appearing on a favourite piece of clothing. At times, we have even had to deal with instances where colour has transferred from one garment to another during wash. In an attempt to get rid of these stains, we have spent a huge amount of time scrubbing them, only to be disappointed with the results. We also noticed that we needed gentler stain removal techniques for coloured clothes as over scrubbing and incorrect home remedies could lead to the colour of the garment fading at the stained spot.  Over time, we have been able to identify some easy-to-follow steps to remove stains from coloured clothes. Try these now!

There are three golden rules we must follow when it comes to stains:-

  1. First, the earlier you start treating a stain, the easier it becomes to get rid of it.

  2. Second, remove any excess amount of the stain on the garment by blotting (never rubbing) the area with clean water and an absorbent towel/paper towel.

  3. Last, never put a garment in the dryer until the stain is completely removed. This is because we’ve experienced that the heat of the dryer causes the stain to set and makes it permanent.

You will need:

  • Old Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Baking Soda
  • Liquid Detergent
  • Colour Safe Bleach
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How to Get Rid of Grass Stains

With kids at home, grass stains on clothes are inevitable. A simple cricket match in the ground can lead to a pile of clothes with those unsightly grass stains. However, with these simple steps, getting rid of them is a breeze.

  1. Use a Regular Toothpaste

    We have seen that grass stains can be easily removed with just two simple things- an old toothbrush and some plain white toothpaste. Make sure you always use the paste variety and not the gel variety of toothpaste. Before you begin, always do a patch test on an inconspicuous part of the garment to avoid any damage. Then squeeze out a small amount of the paste onto the stain.

  2. Scrub Gently in Circular Motion

    Now dip the old toothbrush in some clean water and scrub away the stain. Use gentle circular motions without applying too much pressure.

  3. Repeat the Process

    In case the stain remains, repeat the process and also treat the remaining stains if any.

  4. Rinse Thoroughly with Cold Water

    Rinse the stained area well with cold water so that there is no trace of toothpaste on the garment.

  5. Wash the Garment

    Once the stain is removed, wash the treated clothes with a detergent like Surf Excel Matic Liquid as usual. We find this product ideal for our coloured clothes as it removes even tough stains while retaining the original colour of the fabric. Even after multiple washes with the product, the colour of our clothes did not fade and they looked as good as new!

How to Get Rid of Blood Stains

A bruised knee, a bloody gash on the hand made by a knife in the kitchen- such accidents often result in your clothes getting blood-stained and these stains can prove to be quite difficult to get rid of.

  1. Make a Paste with Baking Soda

    Make a paste of water and baking soda. The quantities would depend on how large the stain is.

  2. Allow Some Resting Period

    We have seen that the paste should be allowed to sit for at least 30 minutes to get rid of the stain effectively. If time permits, you can leave the paste on overnight too.

  3. Wash the Garment

    Wash the garment as usual with a good liquid detergent like Surf Excel Matic Liquid. We saw that being a liquid detergent, it dissolved quickly and did not leave any residue on the clothes or machine.

How to Get Rid Of Dye Stains

We all have dealt with the accidental transfer of colour/dye from one piece of clothing to another during washing. However, you can easily remove dye stains with some simple steps.

  1. Separate the Clothing

    It is best to separate the culprit garment from the other clothes. This will prevent any additional dye from transferring to the remaining clothes.

  2. Read the Clothing Labels Carefully

    Before you attempt to remove the dye stain, we recommend you carefully read the clothing labels. The labels clearly mention whether it's safe to use products like bleach and also what temperatures are ideal for washing the garment.

  3. Try Rewashing with Liquid Detergent

    We have seen that most of the dye stains can be removed easily by just rewashing the clothes with a liquid detergent like Surf Excel Matic Liquid. As stained clothes need to be washed in cold water, we find this product to be ideal as it works well in cold water.

  4. Soak in Colour Safe Bleach

    If rewashing does not help remove the dye stain, then you can soak the clothing in colour safe bleach. Always do a patch test before using bleach. Follow the instructions on the product label and then wash as usual.

How to Get Rid of Tea Stains

  1. Rinse With Cold Water

    Our experience has taught us that the moment we spot a tea stain, it's best to rinse it in water. Always make sure you use cold water to rinse the stain as hot water would only set the stain on the garment. Water should run from the back of the stain and not from the top of it. This helps the stain come out of the side it came in from, rather than pushing it through the material.

  2. Grab Some Liquid Detergent

    Apply a liquid detergent like Surf Excel Matic Liquid on the stain and rub it all over. We saw that this product was great to remove tough stains from clothes. All we had to do was pour some of this product onto the stain, then use the stain scrubber cap that comes along with it to rub it off and finally pour the remaining liquid in the machine. This simple 3-step process helps in eliminating stains completely.

  3. Allow it to Rest

    Let the detergent rest for about 5 minutes. If the tea stain has dried up, then the detergent must be allowed to sit for at least 30 minutes on the stain.

  4. Rinse Well

    Rinse the stain well with cold water until no residue of the detergent is left.

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Frequently asked questions on tough stains

How do you get stubborn stains out of a shirt at home?

First one must understand the type of stain and the kind of ingredients one can use to pre-treat it. Usually most fresh stains can be pre-treated by emulsifying liquid laundry detergent and applying it on the inner and outer side of the fabric. Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent is a great pick to remove tough stains and also care for your clothes. After letting it soak/sit for some time, rinse well with cold water and the stain should fade away.

What are the different stain types?

While there are multiple types of staining that can occur on fabrics, the most common ones include, blood stains, oil stains, coffee stains, gravy/ketchup stains, ink stains, grease stains, sweat/dirt, cosmetic stains and wine stains. And there are a number of ways one can remove them with the right mix of laundry products!

How do you remove stain from clothes with toothpaste?

Toothpaste is a versatile cleansing agent and can remove many different types of stains, especially food-related stains. Take a pea size amount of the toothpaste, emulsify it with water and directly apply it on the stained area of the fabric. Gently rub the stain till it almost fades away and rinse with lukewarm water, and launder as usual.

Are stubborn stains (oil/ink) permanent on clothes?

It really depends on the type of stain and how long it has been. While some stains are permanent, most common stains caused due to household items can be removed with the right mix of laundry treatments. Surf Excel has a range of products that are designed for tough stain removal in the machine wash whilst retaining the original colour of the fabric.

What is the best stain remover?

When it comes to quick solutions, the most widely used bleaching agent includes vinegar and baking soda. While they are easy hacks they can be harsh on your fabrics, especially for delicate textures. Surf Excel has designed a range of products right from Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent to Surf Excel 3 In 1 Smart Shots for a superior cleaning experience that helps remove tough stains in the machines and cares for your fabric at the same time.

How to remove stains from clothes using baking soda?

It’s very simple to remove stains using baking soda. Simply wet the stained fabric. Then sprinkle some baking soda onto the fabric and let it sit for several minutes. Gently brush away the paste before putting it for a machine wash.

Can baking soda/vinegar remove tough stains from clothes?

Both are commonly known ingredients used to remove stains on clothes. While baking soda acts as a natural bleach or cleanser, the acetic acid in vinegar acts as a disinfectant to lift many different types of stains.

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