5 Common Questions Every Woman Has About Intimate Hygiene

What goes on ‘down there’ in your body can be confusing. But we are here to uncomplicate things by answering a list of questions you’ve probably always had about intimate hygiene.


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You know it’s been a long day at work when all you’re waiting to do is get home, jump into your pyjamas, and fall asleep while you binge-watch a new series. That icky feeling owing to the dust, dirt and body odour, and that sticky, clingy feeling of sweaty lingerie, only makes this urge grow stronger.

Not the best sight and most certainly not the best feeling. Just like you, most women today are asking the pertinent question - “How do I keep my lingerie fresh and clean throughout the day? 

Add to it “that time of the month” and your lingerie will not only have to deal with sweat but also menstrual blood, vaginal discharge, and a stench you can’t wait to get rid of. While you cannot really stop the flow, you can most certainly reduce the extent of the period stench. All you have to do is add Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner to your wash cycle. Once the detergent wash is over, soak the lingerie in this conditioner for 5 minutes and dry it later. This will not only provide 99% antibacterial action but also leave a fresh floral fragrance.

In an ideal world, carrying around a bunch of spare underwear would be feasible. Since it isn’t,  we have curated a checklist you can use to smell great and feel amazing down there throughout the day. 

Welcome to the sisterhood of all things intimate hygiene. 

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How Often Should I Wash my Lingerie?

After a day of toiling, if your clothes need to immediately go in the washing machine, then your lingerie certainly deserves it more. Especially when your timetable is packed with morning walks, household chores, mid-day meetings and social commitments. Be it work-from-home or work-from office, if your to-do list has you stressing out, the temperature change and daily stressors are bound to make you break into a sweat. While your underwear ought to be washed daily, how often you wash your bra could be subject to your daily routine.

For instance, a t-shirt bra when worn while working from home at a fixed temperature can be worn once again before being thrown into the washer. If you live in colder regions or have a nice winter going on, you can wear your t-shirt bra three times before washing it. But if back sweat and hypertension are creeping their way into your home office, be sure to wash your lingerie daily. 

GSC Tip: After washing your lingerie, let it dry in the sun for a full 24 hours every once in a while instead of opting for tumble drying. Some time in the sun will keep bacteria at bay and provide natural germ protection. 

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How Do I Achieve Healthy Hygiene During my Period? 

When Aunt Flow comes for a visit, things automatically get way too messy. While changing your sanitary pads every few hours is a must, you can maintain healthy hygiene during your period in more than one way. For starters, try different pad sizes. XL Pads keep the entire underwear clean rather than simply absorbing the flow of blood. Wash your genitals at least two times a day with lukewarm water when working from home. As for the women in the office, a jet spray can help you to some extent. You can also carry special intimate hygiene wet wipes that are perfect for periods when on the go. Ensure that they are free of alcohol and fragrance to avoid skin irritation. 

Intimate Hygiene is an Absolute Essential. But is it even Achievable? Enlighten Me, Sister! 

For the intimates that accompany you all day, don’t wash its lifeline away. Be sure to follow the washing instructions they come labelled with. And for the one who hustles through the daily grind, help your lingerie keep up with your work schedule and workout regime with the right intimate hygiene practices. Here’s everything you need to know about developing healthy intimate hygiene habits! 

For starters, assemble the perfect hygiene kit. And by perfect we mean more than the generic detergent powder.  Get a mesh bag to machine wash your delicates without damaging them, a gentle scrub and a brush with soft bristles to remove dirt without a battle. And lastly, get a fabric conditioner to maintain the softness and the love your lingerie hugs you with. Just let your intimates soak in the Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner for 5 minutes post the detergent wash. You’ll be greeted with the fragrance of soft peonies and spring lilies while getting the benefit of 99% antibacterial action. 

After an Intense Workout, Sweat Gets Literally Everywhere. How Do I Take Care of my Intimate Hygiene Post my Workout? 

This one is for my women who not only excel at their desks but hit up the gym for that perfect body. Be it workouts post work, or vice versa, always keep a waterproof bag handy to store your sweaty sports bra. A sticky bra can have dirt clinging to it for a long time. So, it’s best to protect it in a waterproof bag till it is thrown in the washing machine. 

Speaking of sticky bras, the same applies to your body as well. Body butters seem great in fancy catalogues. But lathering your body with deeply moisturizing butters or heavy-duty body lotions can cause excess sweating and dirt accumulation in hot and humid environments. It is recommended to opt for lighter options like body yoghurt or body serums. 

GSC Tip: Don’t moisturize the area that is under your breast. Simply refresh it with a body spray every now and then. As for your vagina, skipping the underwear at night is one of the best ways to avoid dampness and infection. 

How Do I Keep My Lingerie Fresh Throughout The Day? 

As you struggle to keep up with the daily hustle, stress starts showing up mentally and physically. 

Wouldn’t life be easier if your favourite lingerie came with a roll-on to relieve it of its odour? In the meantime, here’s a plausible alternative! Mask the odour by spraying body splash or perfume just where it’s required. A spritz on the wrist, the sides of the neck, and on the underband where the tension resides, should do the job. 

Another pro tip that you can opt for is to start wearing panty liners. From menstrual blood to vaginal discharge, panty liners are miniature versions of pads that keep your underwear dry all day.  Especially a great option for the summers when you can’t help the body sweat, but can keep your vagina and underwear feeling fresh.

GSC Tip: Treat panty liners like pads. Change them every 2-3 hours to prevent bacterial infection and maintain healthy intimate hygiene.

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How can I make lingerie sustainable?

While your comfort is an absolute priority, don’t forget to look out for the planet too! Buy brands that use raw materials like pure cotton, certified organic bamboo, and recycled cloth for making their products. If you can’t find them near you, extend the life of your delicates by hand washing and air drying them.

Can my t-shirt bra size and sports bra size be the same?

Yes and no. Both are meant for different functions. A normal bra is for all things other than exercising. And a sports bra is for physical activity. An ill-fitted sports bra can make your breasts bounce and hurt more. Also, a lot of companies offer sports bras in normal clothing sizes like small, medium, and large. Therefore trying them out is the best way to find your fit.

Does my sports bra need special care like my normal bra?

Yes. It allows us to do all the physically demanding activities effortlessly and therefore needs extra care when it comes to maintaining hygiene. Most sports bras are made up of rapid-dry technology-based material and soak in sweat quickly. Washing them after every wear is non-negotiable to maintain utmost hygiene.

Is it safe to use scented powders in my intimate area?

No. Scented powders contain fragrance-heavy formulations and tons of chemicals that can cause serious problems in your vagina. It is best to simply stick to warm water and gentle scrubbing with your hand to clean your vagina safely.

How long does a bra last?

Taking good care of your bra can extend its usual lifespan from 6-9 months to 12-14 months. However, when the shape of the bra becomes uneven and the underwire feels like a restraining chamber even in the loosest hook, you know you’ve outgrown your bra. And wearing a tight bra underneath your favourite dress just because it looks good is not something we recommend you do for a good picture on the gram.

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