Love Your Silk Sarees? Prolong Their Life With These Incredible Tips

Silk sarees have a special place in your wardrobe and in your heart. These tips will make your silk sarees last longer.


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Easy Tips on Storing and Maintaining Silk Sarees | Get Set Clean
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The charm and elegance exuded by a silk saree is unmatched. The way a silk saree drapes and feels on the skin is simply wonderful. This is why silk sarees holds a special place in your and every other Indian woman’s heart.

If you want to maintain the elegance of your silk sarees, here are some simple tips that can be helpful!

1) Hand Wash

For the first 3 washes, using cold water is the best. Just hand wash your saree with cold water and use a mild detergent. Later on, you can use your preferred detergent. Also, avoid washing your saree in the washing machine as the drum might damage the threads and take away its shine. Don’t tumble dry at all as it may leave permanent wrinkles on your silk saree.

2) Mild Exposure to Sunlight

To get rid of smell and moisture, keep the saree in sunlight for 3-4 minutes. Make sure you don’t leave it for too long as direct sunlight can also damage the silk.

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3) Change Folds

If your silk saree is kept unused for too long, it should be opened and then folded again. Change the folds in order to avoid permanent creasing.

You spend a lot of time selecting the perfect texture, weave, design and shade. However, if you overlook the need to taking some extra care for those special sarees, your efforts might go in vain.

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It’s not so difficult, try these tips to effortlessly maintain the sheen of your silk sarees.

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