Your Guide to Choosing the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

Going through your lingerie drawer can be stressful. Especially when an expensive push-up bra cannot be worn beneath a majority of your outfits. But worry not! We have got the perfect guide for you to curate a collection of today’s essentials and some easy tips on maintaining them!


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Going braless at home with a side of binge-worthy shows is when we feel super comfortable. However, with the world restarting from a prolonged break, our freedom seems to be slipping out of hand. And wearing a bra every day, yet again feels like a big task. Modern women are now choosing comfort over fashion.

From a t-shirt bra to that low-cut plunge bra, understanding what goes well with a particular dress is a must. And while you build your collection of lingerie, don’t forget to add Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner to your list. It is dermatologically tested and will leave your delicates with a renewed softness when you soak them for 5 minutes in this conditioner after detergent washing. 

Check out the 5 ‘MUST HAVE’ bras that’ll make you go from “I would never need that” to “I can’t live without this!”

The Oh-So-Comfortable Classic Bandeau

Yes, this sounds exactly like the headdress that you’ll wear to a desert safari and regret. But in actuality, it is a band worn around the bust to hold it in place and give you that effortless off-shoulder look. One-shoulder dress? Not a problem. Spaghetti tops? Rock ‘em babe! It’s actually your best friend for days when you can’t stand to look at another underwire. And in case you fall asleep in it…it’s not really a problem. Wear them under your night suit and let sleepovers be stress-free.

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GSC Tip: Wearing a sheer shirt? Rock it with a bandeau and achieve the perfect mix of bold and elegant.

The Super Flexible Strapless Bra

The tops that give you a chance to flaunt your perfect neckline and collar bone are the closest to our hearts. Aren’t they? Give that charming tube top a chance to compliment your sweetness or that seductive outfit in your closet the spotlight it deserves. But wait, what should you wear beneath to give your breasts the right shape? Slaying these looks with a bra that keeps it all together without a strap seems a little stressful, doesn't it? But don't worry, these bras include underwire cups and an inside silicon lining that won't let your bra slip away and will keep it in place. If you are planning to go for a comfortable one of this type, investing in a soft material like cotton is suggested which not only retains the freshness of the fabric but feels smooth and nice on the skin too!

Your Hassle-free T-shirt Bra

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A cotton t-shirt is the most reliable, comfortable, and anytime anywhere outfit in a woman’s wardrobe. And what makes the experience even more comfortable is the t-shirt bra. It comes with light padding, gives you a smooth finish, and feels like a second skin. On your period? Super late for work? Wearing an Indian outfit? Sleeping over? A t-shirt bra is a hassle-free one and adapts to every situation. 

Clearly, taking care of this versatile piece of clothing is very important. More so, when you love a cotton t-shirt so much, why not opt for cotton bras? Made with natural cotton, its super soft feel will keep you on cloud nine. But to ensure that your t-shirt bra continues to make you feel on top of the world, add just one more step to your wash routine. Once detergent washing is over, soak your delicates in Comfort Delicates Fabric Conditioner for all of 5 minutes. And trust us to tell you that these 5 minutes will not provide 99% antibacterial action but also leave your delicates smelling like fresh peonies! 

Fun fact: A t-shirt bra was specially designed because women would find it difficult to find a bra that won't show through their t-shirts.  

Your Partner for Low Necklines - Balconette Bra

The bra that is ready to channel your inner queen! The balconette bra is one of the most iconic bras of all time, inspired by Marilyn Monroe's Hollywood gloss; a true timeless beauty. When you hear the word ‘balconette’ it sounds quite complex, doesn’t it? But this one bra is the epitome of sexiness, and you surely won’t want to miss out on this one. If you are someone who holds a feminine urge to confidently pull off a borderline dress like a diva and flaunt the ‘main character’ energy; a balconette bra is definitely the call for you. Don't be shy, girl; you know this bra was made for you!

Fun Fact: Wondering where the name Balconette came from? Well, it is derived from the word balcony because the bra’s neckline is cut horizontally across the breasts resembling the balcony.

The V-neck Accentuator Plunge Bra 

Oversized shirts and boyfriend t-shirts have their separate fanbase. The fanbase that believes in messy hair, track pants, and at-home bliss with no makeup on. While that is how most of our weekends look like, there are times the glam queen gets a night in the spotlight. Be it for the date that you hope will go incredibly well or the almost-fiancee who is hinting at a proposal, it’s your chance to dress in a daring v-neck body outfit. And a plunge bra will not only support your chest but also make your bold choice look classy. 

GSC Tip: On humid days, plunge cotton bras come to your rescue. Simply wear one and cover it up with a semi-sheer top for an easy-breezy look. 

If there’s one thing that’s sure is that the more cuts and curves women’s clothing designers play with, the more and more bras are bound to fill up your drawer. After all, what good will an expensive dress even do when beautiful curves are not given the spotlight they deserve? 

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Can a t-shirt bra work for a low-intensity workout?

Truth be told, a t-shirt bra is never recommended for light or intense workouts. Simply because it is not designed with the right sturdiness to support painless jumps, burpees, sprawls, and jogs. More so a sports bra gives complete coverage with flexibility so that you can easily get into those daunting yoga postures without having to worry about discomfort or exposure. A t-shirt bra may seem comfortable but will only land up restraining your movements.

How is a demi bra different from a balconette bra?

This is a tough one to differentiate in a lot of lingerie stores because essentially both of them give half to medium coverage. However, the main difference will be felt once you wear them because a demi bra hugs the chest well and firmly supports it while lending a square neckline. On the other hand, a balconette bra pushes the cleavage up and lends a sweetheart neckline.

What is the ideal way to wash bras?

There’s nothing more gentle than the touch of your hands on your delicates. Cool water, gentle detergent, and some light handwashing will maintain the frills, lace and beautiful shape of the bras.

Do you need to wear a bra to sleep?

There’s no feeling better than taking off the bra after a long day of work. And putting it back on at night is a big no-no especially if it’s one with an underwire that is not ideal to lie down or curl up in. In case you wish to wear a bra, a comfortable bralette is a good option. Just make sure that you don’t end up suffocating the breasts.

Is a push-up bra necessary to wear?

It depends on your choice of attire and the look you want to achieve. A pushup bra gives medium coverage and has a strong underwire that is responsible for 90% of the support in lifting. However, wearing a push-up bra for too long affects blood circulation in the area and leaves restraining marks. So no, it is not compulsory to own one. But we’ve got to tell you that it’s a bestseller.

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