Want to Keep Your Cotton Sarees in Mint Condition? Keep This Guide Handy!

Are you looking for some helpful tips to keep your cotton sarees as good as new? You’re in the right place, so read on.


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If you’re a saree lover, you know the need to constantly care for your cotton sarees is real. To keep your favourite weaves looking their best, you’ll need to step up your care game! Don’t worry, we’ve cracked the code for you.

In this article, we have a few helpful tips and tricks you can incorporate into your cotton-care routine. And be reassured, your sarees will look their best! Try these amazing cleaning tips today.

1) Soak in Cold Water

If you’ve bought a new cotton saree, this is going to be extremely useful. Mix a handful of rock salt in ½ a bucket of cold water. Soak your saree in this solution for 20-30 minutes before the wash. This locks the colour in and prevents it from bleeding during the wash. Thank us later!

2) Choose Hand-Washing

Cotton is a delicate fabric. Though there’s no harm in machine-washing your cotton saree on a gentle cycle, it is always better to hand-wash it separately from other clothes. Do not wash cotton sarees with dark-coloured clothes.

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3) Use a Detergent

Cotton needs gentle handling and care. If you are hand-washing your saree, you can try using Love and Care Fine Cottons. L&C’s Anti pilling of fibres and Pro fibre Care Technology helps maintain shine, protects embroidery and provides protection against problems like pilling, bobbling of cotton garments. Delicate garments made from silk, wool and cotton require extra care and using a mild detergent can work wonders.

4) Say No to Sunlight

After washing, dry your cotton saree in a shaded place. Say no to direct sunlight as it can cause the fabric to shrink and fade. You can line-dry your cotton sarees and allow them to air-dry naturally.

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5) Iron on a Low Setting

If you want to iron your saree, use a low-heat setting. Keep a layer of protection – like an old, clean cotton bedsheet – below and above your saree while ironing. Avoid using heat directly.

6) Wrap in a Cloth and Store  

Avoid storing your dark cotton sarees with lighter ones. Sometimes, due to residual moisture, the colour imprint might get affected. You can also place them in a dupatta, or a muslin cloth, tie a knot and store it in your cupboard.

Cotton sarees are stylish and breezy. Use our easy care tips and you can flaunt them for years to come!

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