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Handy Hygiene Tips For Staying Safe Outside of Your Home

Taking extra precautions to stay safe amidst the pandemic has become the new normal. In the light of this, here are some handy hygiene tips for staying safe outside of your home.


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Tips for staying safe outside of your home
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Going out, whether for work or entertainment, is still not a very safe proposition since we continue to live amid a pandemic. At the same time, we cannot stay home forever as we have chores to do and jobs to go to. In such a scenario, we require some sort of guidance on how to stay safe outdoors and invest in products that will keep us safe from germs at all times. Ideally products that can help remove germs on various surfaces, including electronic items. Of course, this product needs to be travel-friendly and easy-to-use. We have also struggled with sprays and sanitisers that are not so gentle on our hands and leave them feeling rough and lifeless – which is not ideal. Keeping all this mind, we recommend the following tips that will help you take care of yourself when venturing out during the pandemic.

1. Maintain Social Distancing

Social distancing refers to the practice of maintaining a safe distance from those who don’t belong to your household. According to the CDC, a minimum distance of 6 feet should be maintained between people when they’re practicing social distancing in both outdoor and indoor spaces. But social distancing alone is not enough. We have additionally learnt after reading the website that wearing a mask is also a crucial practice for staying safe outside of your home.

2. Tackle Germs on High-Touch Surfaces

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To remove germs on high-touch surfaces, use Domex Germ-Removal Wipes. With frequent usage, we’ve come to love the multi-purpose qualities of these wipes as they can be used on all kinds of surfaces including machines, tabletops, lift buttons and so on. We love the fact that we can trust it to clean even our wallets, keys and gym essentials once we’re back home. It is definitely one of those handy products to keep us and our families safe whether we’re indoors or outdoors. Upon reading the pack, we found that the wipes contain a powerful formula that ensures efficient cleaning and leaves all surfaces absolutely germ-free and hygienic. The pack comes with pre-moistened wipes that are gentle on our hands too.

3. Take Extra Precaution at Gyms and Fitness Centers

Although gyms and fitness centers have reopened in multiple cities, there is still an increased risk of contracting germs in such places. If at all you decide to join a gym, then here are some precautions you could take:

  • Use Domex Germ-Removal Wipes to clean surfaces like treadmill handles, seat covers and other equipment.

  • Choose a facility in which all attendees and staff members are required to wear masks covering their nose and mouth

  • Look for fitness centers with high ceilings and good ventilation practices in place. The doors and windows should remain open or the management should use air purifiers with HEPA filters, as recommended by the CDC.

4. Don’t Share Your Personal Items

It is extremely important to protect your family members during this time of the pandemic. Even if they’re not venturing out with you, it is your responsibility not to attract germs and bring them back home. How can you do this? In our experience, not sharing any type of personal items with outsiders such as cutlery, a hand towel, your phone, car keys etc. is critical. In case you end up sharing such items, do make sure you wipe them down with something powerful like the Domex Germ-Removal Wipes, which can be used to remove germs on all kinds of surfaces, including electronic items like mobile phones and laptops. For stuff like towels, do give them a thorough wash in detergent and water before you put them back for others to use.

5. Use Safety Measures on Public Transport

With multiple people sitting on the same seats and touching surrounding surfaces such as door handles, it is best to avoid public transport as much as possible. But, if we don’t have an option and need to call for a cab, we make sure to carry a product such as Domex Germ-Removal Wipes that are not only trustworthy when it comes to removing germs from different surfaces, but extremely handy and easy to carry in your bag, making them travel-friendly too!

Follow these simple tips to remain safe in the outdoors during this time of the pandemic.

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