Confused About How Much Liquid Detergent to Use? This Guide Will Help!

Many of us feel a little lost about how much liquid detergent to use when washing our clothes. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you navigate through this problem and answer all your questions related to dosage!


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How Much Liquid Detergent to Use
Surf Excel Matic Liquid

The fact is that the amount of liquid detergent to use per load depends on a number of factors including: 

  • What kind of washing machine you use

  • The laundry load size

  • The kind of stains on the clothes

  • Type of water in your area (hard or soft)

It’s a general misconception that using more soap will result in cleaner clothes, and we’ve believed it for a long time too. But, the reality is quite different. So, let’s dig into this mystery and find out how much liquid detergent we actually need to use per load of laundry to get fresh, clean clothes!

Why Use Liquid Detergents

One of the primary reasons why we recommend using liquid detergents is because they easily dissolve in water, and are hence able penetrate stains faster and more efficiently. Also, since liquid detergent is a concentrated formula, a much smaller quantity of the product would give you effective cleaning results.

Comfort Delicates

We’ve also observed that liquid detergents are gentler on fabrics, so we can even use them to wash our delicates. Another very significant advantage of liquid detergents is that they can be applied to our clothes directly for pre-stain removal treatment. No need to mix with water. This works really well when dealing  with tough stains.

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Measuring the Right Quantity of Liquid Detergent: How Much to Use?

First and foremost, you need to read the product’s label instructions to determine the right amount of dosage when washing your clothes. Dosage usually depends on three factors- hardness of water, dirt levels, and type of load (small, medium, full load).

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Typically, a cap full of liquid detergent is sufficient for a regular load, but you might want to increase the amount to 1.5 caps if you’re dealing with heavily soiled clothes. 

With liquid detergents like Surf Excel Matic Liquid detergent, it is quite convenient to get the measurements right, since it already comes with a measuring cap, the back of which can also be used to scrub the stain for spot treatment before putting the garment into the machine.

We recommend not overloading the washer and putting an excessive amount of clothes into it as it will interfere with the even distribution of the detergent. This can lead to unclean and wrinkled clothes coming out of the washer.

For clothes that are heavily soiled, spot treat or pre-soak stains with some liquid detergent instead of adding extra detergent to the full load.

Clothes or Detergent: Which Goes First?

Well, this depends on the type of washing machine you own. If you have a front-load washing machine, then it would have a separate compartment for pouring the liquid detergent. For those who own top load washing machines, the ideal way to load the machine is to fill it with water, followed by the addition of the liquid detergent, and then finally the clothes. This way, you can expect an even distribution of the liquid detergent in water and proper cleaning of clothes. 

Choose the right cycle based on the instructions mentioned on the garment care label. Press start to begin the wash cycle.

Along with detergent, you can also use a fabric conditioner to soften your clothes and protect them from wear and tear. We have been using Comfort Core fabric conditioner in our regular wash cycles and are quite happy with the results. Our mommy expert panel gave an impressive rating to this product, and now we know why. It not only helps retain the softness and shine of the fabric, but also leaves behind a fresh fragrance in our clothes.

Signs of Overdosing

  • White residue on clothes after washing 

  • Clothes feeling stiff, sticky or slimy

  • Clothes coming out of the machine looking dull and faded

  • Constant problems with the washing machine- clogging and choking of pipes

  • Itching and skin rashes after wearing newly washed clothes  

These are all signs that you are using way too much detergent! 

It is true that too much detergent could make our coloured clothes appear dull and faded, while turning our white clothes into an unpleasant off-white or grey colour. Moreover, the chemicals found in detergents can cause irritation, itchiness and rashes, if they come in direct contact with our skin, and the residue left from using excess detergent enables this. 

GSC Tip:

If your washing machine smells bad or musty, or the pipes or drain are clogged, then you can use a descaler to clean your machine. 

Signs of Not Using Enough Detergent

Not using enough detergent per load is as common a laundry mistake as using too much detergent. Here are the signs of using too little detergent:

  • The clothes don’t end up being properly washed and might have an unpleasant odour 

  • Additionally, the stains on our clothes may not get removed, and germs and dirt might be left behind too

Now that  we have helped you learn how to measure the correct amount of liquid detergent for each wash, go ahead and enjoy your bright, fragrant, stain-free, odour-free and residue-free laundry!

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Why is there a white residue on my clothes after washing?

Using too much detergent causes a white residue to form on your clothes. To make sure this doesn’t happen, use the right amount of detergent and use a detergent that is easily soluble in water such as Surf Excel Matic Liquid.

What should I do if my washing machine smells musty?

A musty or mouldy smell might emanate from your washing machine due to excess soap build up. If this happens, you need to clean your machine using baking soda and vinegar before you do anything else.

How much detergent should I use if I live in an area with hard water?

If you live in a hard water area, you need to use a little more detergent than usual because hard water creates a difficult environment for detergent to clean your clothes. Using a liquid detergent is advisable since it tends to work better in hard water.

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