5 Latest Laundry Trends You Don't Want to Miss Out On!

Doing laundry can be a cumbersome chore. But, what if we told you that there are some fantastic new innovations that can easily put an end to your laundry woes? Check out our list of the 5 latest laundry trends!


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Things to know about detergent capsules
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We are well aware of how indispensable appliances and gadgets have become to our existence. It goes without saying that they make our lives a lot easier and help us do even mundane tasks efficiently. This is why most of us are on the lookout for new innovations, the latest gadgets and developments that can simplify our everyday chores, especially tedious ones like laundry.

At the same time, a lot of us have become environmentally conscious citizens, so we also want our laundry process to be more sustainable and not lead to excess consumption of precious resources like water and electricity.

In an attempt to do our laundry more smartly, we did some research and were surprised to find several emerging trends that focused on making the process of washing our clothes, energy-efficient and hassle-free. These are the 5 latest laundry trends you must not miss out on!

1. Washing Machines that Save Energy and Water

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With all of us getting increasingly conscious about reducing our carbon footprints and adopting eco-friendly practices in all aspects of our life, it was only natural for us to look for appliances that are energy efficient. 

We learnt that the tech industry has now launched washing machines that use less energy to get the same job done and, in the process, help in cutting down on electricity bills and reducing pollution. So, we realized that upgrading our old inefficient washing machine would make complete sense. The latest washers and dryers equipped with sophisticated technology not only washed our clothes gently but also brought down running costs considerably.

Our research also introduced us to the term Water Factor rating, one of the essential features to calculate how much water is used to wash a cubic foot of laundry. The lower the water factor, the more efficient the washing machine. This information helped us purchase an efficient water-saving washing machine for our home.

2. Washing Machines with Smart Intuitive Features

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Just imagine being able to operate your washing machine through your phone. Yes, even we thought this was impossible until we came across intelligent washing machines that could connect to the Wi-Fi network of our home, just like our smartphones and laptops. We were amazed to see that we could remotely set our washing machine by using a phone or tablet app or even had the option of going hands-free by giving instructions through Alexa or Google assistant. How cool is that?

Here are some of the crucial features we feel that you must look for before investing in an intelligent washing machine:

  • Automated Program Selection – The smart washing machine app installed on the phone can choose the perfect program best suited for our daily clothes. All we need to do for it to work is to fill in a few simple details.

  • Load Capacity & Auto Dosing- Machines with this feature can analyze and weigh the load and regulate the use of water, energy and detergent accordingly.

  • Auto Troubleshooting- These smart washing machines are ingenious as they can even detect problems and other maintenance-related issues and immediately notify us through the app.

  • Machine Memory- These appliances store the programs previously used and suggest them while setting the wash. We loved that we could even check the amount of energy used by the washing machine in real-time.

3. New Detergent Formats

Have you ever knocked over detergent while measuring it? We have and we hate the cleaning up that comes along with it. There have also been times when we have added too little or too much detergent that has only led to another pile of improperly washed clothes.

These are just a few of the problems we have had to face with regards to our laundry. Rewashing the entire load of clothes because of detergent residue and stubborn stains that refuse to go are struggles we regularly experience.

While following the same old routine of sorting, measuring detergent and adding additives like fabric conditioner, we read of a new trend that has been taking the laundry detergent market by storm- detergent capsules. It was while reading an article in a lifestyle magazine that we came across this new detergent format.

So, what exactly are laundry detergent capsules? After our research, we reached the conclusion that it is a quick and upgraded laundry experience, this new single-use detergent format! When friends and relatives suggested Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shots, which are essentially pre-measured detergent capsules, we decided to give them a try. After just one use, we were impressed to see how these smart shots had made laundry a hassle-free process for us. 

Its label mentioned that it has a unique three-chamber technology. The three chambers work in tandem to provide advanced stain removal, long-lasting fragrance and care for fabrics. Instead of using multiple products like a detergent for stain removal and fabric conditioner for softening, we simply have to put this smart shot into the empty drum before adding clothes into the washing machine. 

We saw that when it comes to convenience, superior cleaning results, saving time and water, detergent capsules are our best bet.

4. Smart Plugs for Voltage Fluctuations

All electrical appliances are vulnerable to voltage fluctuations, and we have even lost some valuable devices to sudden power surges. Thus, when we purchased a new washing machine, we invested in a smart plug too. 

These smart plugs are cost-effective safety devices that automatically detect any dangerous power fluctuations that trip the appliance. Power is resumed once the voltage is back to normal.

We found smart plugs to be quite easy to use and they don’t require any special skills for installation. We plugged the smart plug into the wall power socket, connected the washing machine power pin to the smart plug, and started the machine.

5. Fabric Specific Detergents

Our wardrobes are typically stacked with clothes made of different fabrics. Initially, we used to wash all our clothes with the same detergent. But, then we noticed that some of our clothes made of materials like wool, silk etc. were getting damaged and looked dull in appearance. 

A quick search on the internet made us understand that fabrics like wool, silk,  etc. are made of natural protein which makes them as delicate as human skin. Just like our skin becomes red and agitated when exposed to any kind of abrasion, fibres of silk and wool become brittle and damaged when washed with regular detergent. This was exactly the reason for the emergence of yet another laundry trend; fabric specific detergents. 

As per this trend, separate detergents are now available for different fabrics. They are specifically created keeping in mind the needs and requirements of that particular fabric. These formulations most likely will be mild, not contain bleach and enzymes or maybe pH neutral, thus cleaning delicate fabrics gently.

6. Conditioning of Clothes

We all have some favourite clothes that we like to wear every other day. However, the more we wear them, the more they need to be washed. We hated what repeated washing was doing to some of our cherished clothes. While some clothes shrunk and looked unrecognizable, others felt rough against the skin. There were even some that faded to another colour altogether. 

We began looking for solutions to protect the shine and softness in our clothes. An article in a magazine familiarized us with the laundry trend of using fabric conditioners on clothes after regular wash.

Fabric conditioners contain lubricating ingredients that form a protective coating on the fibre and prevent any damage caused by detergent. We used Comfort Fabric Conditioner after a friend recommended it and loved the softness it lent to our clothes. Along with sporting a new shine, our clothes were infused with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance that brightened our day.

Try these new laundry trends now to simplify your laundry process!

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