Give a Soft Feel to Your Clothes with These Best Fabric Conditioners Recommended by Our Mommy Panel!

Using a fabric conditioner is one of the most effective ways of keeping our clothes fresh and soft, and also helps in reducing friction between the fibers of clothing. This helps in protecting clothes from daily wear and tear and makes them last longer.

Best fabric conditioner for clothes

Some of the best fabric conditioners are also known to be helpful in retaining the shape of the garments. Given how  important our clothes are for us, and the benefits that fabric conditioners have in increasing the life and upkeep of our laundry, we asked our panel of moms, who have been using fabric conditioners for a long time, to review different types of conditioners available in the market to understand which is the best one for different needs.

Colour fading and the appearance of bobbles on our clothes are common laundry issues that many of us face in our daily lives. But the use of a right fabric conditioner helps in dealing with all these problems efficiently. Additionally, using a fabric conditioner leaves our clothes smelling fresh and fragrant, which is particularly needed during the monsoon season when clothes tend to smell bad due to improper drying in the sun.

Based on the experience of our mommy reviewers, we found a range of Comfort Fabric Conditioners (Comfort Pure, Comfort Anti Bac, Comfort Core, Comfort Perfume Deluxe) that were the most popular choices for taking care of clothes on different parameters like:

  1. Ability to maintain richness of the fabric colours

  2. Relevant for sensitive skin

  3. Anti-bacterial property

  4. Longevity of fragrance/ long lasting fragrance


Ability to Maintain Richness of the Fabric Colours

Comfort Pure
Comfort PureBuy Now

Moms cited this as one of the main reasons for using a fabric conditioner. The fear of damage makes us wear some of our favourite clothes less often.  They iterate that the original colour, quality and texture of their clothes should remain intact even after they have been washed several times. This is especially true for expensive clothing. Most of them feel that the use of a fabric conditioner helps retain the appearance of their clothes since it reduces the agitation they go through during the washing process.

Our moms rated Comfort Pure as their primary choice of fabric conditioner with regards to this parameter. The fact that it doesn’t affect the colour of clothing is a big plus in using the product. Fibers have a tendency to turn lifeless and dull after every wash. But the use of Comfort Pure ensures that the clothes retain their colour and shine for a long period of time.

Says mom Yashi Nakra, “It works well in maintaining the quality of clothes as well as their colours. It also keeps clothes very soft and fluffy.”

The second highly rated variant in this category was Comfort Perfume Deluxe, which our moms felt was especially useful for expensive clothing.


Relevant for Sensitive Skin

Comfort Pure
Comfort Pure

Repeated washing loosens the fibres of the clothing and makes the fabric rough, which in turn can cause rashes and irritation on the skin. This becomes all the more important for people with sensitive skin. Therefore, it is important for clothes to remain soft after every was and this job is done perfectly by a fabric conditioner. Softness of clothes is especially a concern for washing baby’s clothes. Many a times, we have to wash our children’s clothing separately to ensure that they remain soft and do not negatively impact their skin.

With regards to skin sensitivity, our moms rated Comfort Pure as their preferred choice of fabric conditioner. Says Dr Mandira Adhikari, “It's excellent for my baby's sensitive skin. It has fewer chemicals (no dyes and mild fragrance) and the clothes feel super soft.”

Comfort Pure has the ability to maintain the gentleness of the fabric. This is a dermatologically tested product and has no harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is safe for use on all types of fabrics, including baby clothing.


Anti-Bacterial Property

Comfort anti Bac
Comfort Anti BacBuy Now

We’re living amidst a pandemic, which has naturally heightened our concerns with regards to safety. We want to be sure that whatever product we use for cleaning also has the ability to kill germs and bacteria. This includes fabric conditioners as well. We want a fabric conditioner that has anti-bacterial properties and leaves our clothes clean after a wash.

In our review, Comfort Anti Bac was the chosen fabric conditioner for its anti-bacterial properties. Moms found this product to be reliable for using on their clothes as it not only left them clean, but also germ-free. According to Dr Mandira Adhikari, “This variant of Comfort is especially anti-bacterial, which means it has germicidal properties. It's infused with neem and other ingredients which kills bacteria and microbes. Detergent alone kills some of the bacteria and when I use this green Comfort, I am assured that my clothes are absolutely germ-free.”

Comfort Anti Bac caught the attention of most of our moms, since it helps with bacteria and fungus. They also mentioned its importance during monsoons, where sometimes we can see visible accumulation of mold on clothes. With an effective anti bacterial fabric conditioner like Comfort Anti Bac, we can leave our germ worries behind.


Longevity of Fragrance

Comfort Perfume Deluxe
Comfort Perfume DeluxeBuy Now

Once we wash our clothes, we actually want them to not only look clean, but smell fresh too, right? Well, that’s also one of the jobs of a good fabric conditioner- to provide long-lasting fragrance to your clothes.

On this parameter, moms picked Comfort Perfume Deluxe as their most preferred choice. “The fragrance is beautiful, yet not overpowering. The conditioner smells of vanilla and lavender. Just like the packaging, the smell is rich and luxe and lasts for up to 4 days,” says Dr Mandira Adhikari.

Other moms also commented that the Comfort Perfume Deluxe Fabric Conditioner had a very royal feel to it and left their clothes with a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

We think it is pretty clear from the detailed review by this panel of moms that fabric conditioner is not just an after-thought when it comes to doing your laundry, but a very important step that will help take extra care of your clothes. Since it helps make clothes last longer by maintaining the fabric and appearance of colours, it is quite a money saver as you would probably invest less in buying new clothes for your wardrobe. Also, the best part is that you can use fabric conditioners both while hand washing your clothes and also in washing machines!

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