How To Wash Your Blankets

We all have different types of blankets at home and sometimes it can get confusing to understand how to wash them. Read this article to get some useful information on blanket washing!

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How To Wash Your Blankets
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Reading time: 5 minutes

It’s so much fun to snuggle in your comforting blanket after a hectic day of work. But, to tell you the truth, by the end of a few weeks, the blanket is probably quite filthy. Think about all the things that it comes into contact with almost every day: food crumbs, household dust, body oils, drink spills, pet hair and so on. Makes you freak out about the amount of germs and dirt collected on it, right? You may use different techniques like putting it out in the sun to kill the germs or using other DIY remedies, but ultimately, you need to wash your blanket to get rid of all kinds of stains such as that of coffee, oily food and so on. So, in this article, we’ll give you a round-up of how to wash blankets at home. Read on!

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RequiredSurf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent
Surf Excel Matic Liquid
  • Washing machine
  • A soft-bristle fabric brush
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Comfort Fabric Conditioner
  • A dry towel
  • Paper towel
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How to Wash Fleece Blankets

The difficult part about washing a fleece blanket is that you want to maintain the super-soft feel of the fabric. This is also true for faux fur blankets and fuzzy throws.

  1. Step 1: Pre-Treat Tough Stains With Dishwashing Liquid

    If your blanket has tough stains, then pre-treat it with some dishwashing liquid. This works particularly well for stains that are caused by greasy food. This is because a dishwashing liquid is designed for breaking down oils. Allow the liquid to sit on the stain for approximately 10 minutes prior to blotting away with cloth or paper towel.

  2. Step 2: Wash Separately in Cold Water

    If you’re wondering how to wash blankets that are made of fleece material, here’s the answer. Fleece blankets should be washed in cold water, preferably separately, in a washing machine. Always use gentle cycle to wash fleece blankets. You just need a small quantity of good quality detergent like Surf Excel Matic Liquid, which we have tried and got excellent results. We’ve noticed that it manages to remove all stains from the blanket with its powerful cleaning technology and leaves behind absolutely no residue on the fabric. It is designed to be used in washing machines and we love the superior fragrance it lends to the blanket once washed! Here is also how you can remove oil stains from your mattress.

  3. Step 3: Use a Fabric Conditioner to Retain Softness & Shine

    To retain the softness and shine of fleece blankets, a simple wash with a detergent may not be enough. After reading several good reviews, we decided to use Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner, which coats each cloth fiber with a protective layer. This ultimately prevents damage which results from repeated washing. We noticed a new-like shine on our fleece blanket after using this conditioner!

  4. Step 4: Air-dry the Fleece Blanket To Avoid Fibre Damage

    Once the washing process is over, you can hang your fleece blanket on a line to dry in the sunlight. Never use high heat in the machine to dry a fleece blanket as it might cause it to shrink or damage its fibers.

  5. Step 5: Don’t Use Bleach for Fleece Blankets

    An important step to understand about how to wash blankets is when and when not to use bleach. Bleach should be completely avoided when washing fleece blankets. This is because it has the ability to cause damage to the fibers while also affecting the dye of the blanket.

How to Wash Woolen Blankets

Let’s now move on to how to wash blankets made of wool. Wool blankets don’t need to be washed multiple times a year since they naturally repel stains and dirt.

  1. Step 1: Use a Brush to Shake Out the Dirt

    Since you won’t be washing your wool blankets too often, it might be a good idea to shake it out and brush it using a soft-bristle fabric brush. This will help in removing all the debris and dirt accumulated on it. Keep the direction of brushing uniform to prevent causing damage to the fibers of the blanket.

  2. Step 2: Ensure the Blanket is Fit for Washing in the Machine

    For this, you need to check the care instructions label on the blanket as some blankets are ‘dry-clean’ only.

  3. Step 3: Use a Mild Detergent Specially Designed to Wash Woolens

    If you can wash the blanket in the machine, use a mild detergent like Love & Care - Soft Woolens, which is specifically designed to wash woolens. We read on the label of Love & Care that the product is pH balanced and has no enzymes and bleach. This is why we weren’t surprised to see that it helped retain the softness and lustre of our woolen blankets, keeping them looking newer for much longer! To start the cleaning process, place the blanket in the machine so that it soaks in the detergent and water solution for approximately 15 minutes.

  4. Step 4: Run a Gentle Cold Cycle on the Blanket First

    Always remember to wash your wool blankets on a gentle cycle for around 2 minutes before switching to a rinse cycle.

  5. Step 5: Dry the Blanket by Rolling in a Towel

    Rolling the blanket in a towel and gently squeezing it to get rid of moisture is recommended prior to hanging. Post this, air dry in a shaded area to avoid any fading.

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Washing Throw Blankets

Ideally, you should wash your throw blanket after every week or two. Although a throw blanket is an element of staple bedding, it usually needs a nominal protector like bedsheets. These help in separating the skin from your blanket and they get dirty less quickly.

Avoid Complete Drying of Your Blanket in a Dryer

Never completely dry a blanket in a dryer. This is because some blankets have the tendency to snag in your machine dryer and this will cause damage to the design.

It’s critical to check on your blankets during the wash after every 15 to 20 minutes. Take them out of the dryer when they are around 80% dry.

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