5 Tips to Maintain Your Semi Automatic Washing Machine & Keep It Running Efficiently for Years!

We know that semi automatic machines make life easier when compared to hand/bucket washing. But, for its long life and efficiency, regular care and maintenance is required. Check out these five tips on how to maintain your semi automatic machine and keep it running efficiently for years!


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Maintain semi automatic washing machine
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We often take our semi automatic washing machine for granted as long as it keeps churning out fresh and clean laundry daily. But, the day this household appliance stops functioning as expected, the real struggle begins. Over the years we have noticed that with repetitive use, and inadequate maintenance, our semi automatic machines tend to become less efficient and clothes coming out of them don’t look as clean as they did when the machine was new.

We have often dealt with clothes that have stubborn stains and residue that refuse to go despite repeated washing. After a while, we realized that just like our clothes, even our semi automatic washing machine required regular care. Over time, we have been following some steps to keep our semi automatic washing machine working effectively. Find out how you can do the same!

1. Deep Clean the Machine

We all tend to think that washing machines clean themselves. After all, water and soap pass through them all the time, so there is hardly a chance of them getting dirty. But, we have observed that is not the case at all. With time, detergent, fabric softener residues, bacteria etc., build up and affect the efficiency of our semi automatic washing machines and the quality of washing.

We have found running the washing machine on an empty cycle after adding a washing machine cleaning solution along with hot water to be very useful. We followed this procedure for both the washing tub as well as the spin tub of our semi automatic machine. After running this cycle, when we wiped the interior and exterior of both the tubs with a damp cloth, it was laden with sticky residue left behind by detergent, softener, lint etc.

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2. Use the Right Detergent that Doesn’t Leave Behind Residue

We noticed that our semi automatic machine was not working optimally when our clothes looked dirty even after washing. As a result, we would re-wash our clothes each time to remove all traces of dirt and residue. Refilling the washing tub repeatedly with clean water and following the entire process once again was taking a toll on us.

In our attempt to fix this issue, along with other measures, we decided to change the regular detergent we were using to wash our clothes. We were keen to use a liquid detergent this time since we had read about its suitability for semi automatic washing machines. This is how we came across the Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent, which was readily available in the market.

When we tried Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent for the first time, we observed that its liquid format allowed it to dissolve quickly in the water inside the semi automatic washing machine and reach the stubborn stains on our clothes effortlessly. After the wash, we saw that our clothes had no residue, and even the tough curry stains had vanished from them. We also loved the fantastic fresh fragrance it lent to our clothes. And, of course, a huge advantage was that it did not leave behind any residue in the machine!

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3. Keep a Check on the Water Hoses of the Semi Automatic Machine

In our experience, for a smooth flow of water, both inwards and outwards of your machine, keeping a watch on the machine’s water pipes can help greatly. Semi automatic machines have three hoses, out of which two are inlet, and one is an outlet pipe. We follow a monthly schedule to check whether the inlet pipes are properly connected to the water source and do not have any evident leaks, cracks, fraying or bulging.

The outlet pipe takes out the dirty water, lint, and microparticles of the fabric that often accumulate in the drain filter and block the pipe. Hence, cleaning the drain filter of your semi automatic washing machine after every 5- 6 washes will prevent any blockages.

We noticed that using Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent was good for our machine in the long run as well. It generally produces foam according to the type of machine. Hence, the instances of clogging and choking of pipes were much lesser. Even scale build up in machines caused due to mineral deposits present in hard water were significantly lower with Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent.

4. Leave the Doors Open after Washing

 We all make the mistake of closing the doors of the machine immediately after use, thinking that the open doors will bring along with it dust and dirt into the machine. While this is true to some extent, closing the doors immediately after use can result in bacteria and mould building up in the machine.

So, we leave both the door of the washing tub and spin tub open for 15 to 30 minutes after each wash to allow the machine to dry well and protect the delicate parts of the semi automatic machine from damage due to moisture.

We also follow a simple tip to ensure that the semi automatic machine has no trace of moisture left behind in it. What is it? We wipe the inside of the washing tub and spin tub with a thick dry towel 15 to 30 minutes after the wash cycle to dry up the leftover moisture.

5. Check the Filter Regularly

All semi automatic machines have a lint filter inside the washing tub. The primary function of this filter is to extract lint and other dirt particles released during the wash process. This filter requires regular cleaning as we have noticed that once it is full, it cannot collect the debris. These debris, in turn, remain in the water and stick to the clothes and build up in the machine. This eventually ends up reducing the life of the semi automatic machine and affecting its cleaning performance as well.

We never thought that such a small thing could mess with our machine. Hence, we suggest cleaning the filter at least once every month to prolong the life of your washing machine.

Key Tip: Make sure that your new semi automatic washing machine is protected from rodents too. Most of the new designs leave no room for rodents to enter and damage the machine. But if the design of your machine does not provide for rodent protection, then a regular stand and cover could also help resolve the problem.

Use these five simple tips to ensure that your semi automatic machine doesn’t suffer from early wear and tear and keeps running efficiently for years to come!

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