Use These Warm Water Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Shining

Keeping the kitchen clean and shining is important for aesthetic and hygiene reasons. Here’s how to clean kitchen by using warm water.


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Use These Warm Water Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Shining shutterstock 1115231861
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Cleaning the kitchen involves clearing the dishes, refrigerating the leftover foods, wiping the counter clean, putting the kitchen towels for washing etc. Here’s how to clean kitchen using something as basic as warm water.

1) Cleaning Kitchen Counters

Prepare cleaning solution. Add 2 drops of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of water. Wipe clean the kitchen counters using the solution. The dishwashing gel will cut through the grease. Your counters will look sparkling clean.

2) Remove Stains

From oil splatters, gravy spills, to vapours from the curry, there are countless ways our kitchen walls get stained. Make a paste using 2 cups of warm water and baking soda. Apply this mixture on the stains and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Your walls will start shining like brand new.

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3) Treat Smelly Clogs

Leftover food crumbs from the dishes can clog your kitchen sink. It can also cause an awful odour. To get rid of the stench, fill your ice tray with vinegar. Mix 2 cubes of vinegar with 1 cup of warm water and pour it in your kitchen sink. The drain will be unclogged and fresh smelling. Do this at least twice a week.

4) Greasy Utensils

Wash your utensils with an effective dishwashing liquid. Do the dishes as soon as you can. To get rid of burnt food particles from the bottom of your pressure cooker or pan, boil 1 cup of water in it. Let the water cool down. Now, wash it like you normally do. The burnt food particles will come off easily.

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5) Mop the Kitchen Floor

Mop the kitchen floors clean using warm water and an effective floor cleaner. You can clean and disinfect the floor using a suitable disinfectant floor cleaner, like a sodium-hypochlorite based product such as Domex Floor Cleaner which kills germs. Follow instructions on the pack for usage and compatible surfaces and always test on an inconspicuous area first.

6) Use a Kitchen Cleaner

Deep clean your kitchen at least once a month. You can clean your kitchen shelves, countertops, etc. with a kitchen cleaner like Cif Kitchen Cleaner. Check the pack to understand the correct usage instructions.

Your kitchen is where you get inspired to create some lip-smacking recipes. Do not the sight of fingerprint stains and greasy splatters block the flow of your creativity. Cooking can be a therapeutic experience if you have the right space and vibe going. Use the tips given above to make your kitchen an awe-inspiring space.

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