Water from Your Purifier Giving Off a Foul Smell? Here Are Some Causes

Have you noticed a foul smell in the water from your water purification system? We have listed a few possible causes for these problems, and what you can do to rectify them.


Water from Your Purifier Giving Off a Foul Smell? Here Are Some Causes
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Water is an excellent solvent and dissolves substances like salts and chemicals that come in contact with it. Even if it is purified at source, it’s possible that the water still contains contaminants, which then reach your home after the water has travelled through multiple pipes along the way. It is thus a good idea to invest in a water purifier. However, some dissolved impurities in the water may give off a bad odour, and your water purifier may be unable to filter them, resulting in smelly drinking water.

Here is a list of possible problems you might face with your purifier.

1)   Harsh or Metallic Taste

That might happen due to an increasing level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water. In this case, it’s best to get your water tested professionally and adopt the measures suggested.

2)  Bacteria

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Did you change the filter in your water purifier without sanitising your hands? If your answer is yes, this is probably the reason for the problem. It leads to the development of a bacterial film in your purifier, resulting in an unpleasant odour. We suggest you call a company-authorised service technician to replace the filters.

3)  Egg-like Smell

If the water from your purifier smells like rotten eggs, this is probably due to high sulphur content. Sometimes, because of a damaged filter, your purifier is unable to clean water. This problem can also arise if you haven’t cleaned your water purifier in a while.

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If the unpleasant odour persists in the water from your purifier, it’s best to consult a company-authorised service technician to resolve the problem.

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