DIY Steps to Troubleshoot and Fix Your Water Purifier

Facing problems with your water purification system? Don’t worry, we have a few easy solutions.


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How to fix Common Water Purifier Problems | Get Set Clean

Water purifiers are an easy way to get clean drinking water for your family. While you enjoy the benefits of safe drinking water, it’s equally important to maintain the water purifier.

Here are some common issues you may encounter with your water purifier, and easy solutions for them.

1) The Purifier is Not Working


If you’ve switched on your water purifier, but there’s no LED light or sound coming from the unit, it means the power supply cable is faulty. We suggest you seek professional help from a company-authorised service technician to fix or replace it.

2) Water Flow is Too Low

If the water flowing from the tank is too slow, it probably means that one of the filters has choked and needs to be replaced. Before taking a decision, it’s a good idea to call a professional and get a check-up done to know whether the filter needs to be replaced.

3) Water Has Bad Taste or Odour

If you’ve recently installed a new water purifier in your house, you must clean the purifier’s storage tank at least once before using it. If your purifier is not new, but you’re still facing this issue, the filters or membrane might have choked and will need to be replaced.

4) Water Leakage

If water is leaking from the filter, it means the fittings aren’t tight enough. In that case, tighten all connections. If the water pressure is high, check to make sure the fitting that connects the purifier to the water supply tap is not loose. We suggest you call the company-authorised service technician to fix this issue.

5) Vibrations

If you have recently changed your filter, you might notice some vibrations in the water purifier. Vibrations occur due to varying pressure levels between different filters. These vibrations generally decrease within 3 to 4 days, and there’s no damage done.

Keep this guide handy to fix any problems with your water purifier!

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