How to Use Your Water Purifier The Right Way to Get Clean Drinking Water!

Using our water purifier the right way ensures that we and our family are drinking safe and uncontaminated water at all times. We follow these simple steps on a regular basis to make sure our water purifier is doing its job well.


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Use water purifier to get clean drinking water

Buying a water purifier that takes care of all our drinking water needs is not enough. Our experience has taught us that we need to know how to use our water purifiers the right way to ensure that we are consuming clean drinking water that is free of any contaminants. We have observed that neglecting things like regular checks on the water pressure, filter or cleanliness of the water purifier can compromise the quality of the drinking water. This can even result in our family consuming unsafe and contaminated water that can, in turn, cause several water-borne diseases.

Here we have listed down a few easy ways in which we can take care of our water purifier! Read on to know more.

1. Change the Filters on a Regular Basis

The filter of our water purifier needs to be changed regularly so that the water quality is not affected in any way. Slow water flow into the freshwater tank made us check our filters and we found a choked filter to be the culprit. This was when we realized the importance of changing the filters.

Depending on the kind of water purifier, there are different types of filters and each needs to be changed after a prescribed time interval to ensure safe and clean water without any possible impurities., We make sure that we are consuming clean drinking water at all times by calling professional technicians to change the filter of our water purifier from time to time.


2. Keep a Checklist to Ensure Proper Functioning

We’ve realised that as water purifier users, it is helpful for us to make a checklist of points to ensure that the purifier is working efficiently on a regular basis. For example, keeping a tab on the dispensed water flow is important. We have learnt that in case the dispensed water flow has reduced, it might indicate a filter replacement or some fault in the device. Similarly, if the water tank is taking too much time to fill, we call for a service expert to look into the problem.

3. Clean and Sanitize the Water Purifier

A sure shot way to use a water purifier the right way is to clean and sanitize it regularly. We make sure to refer to the tank cleaning and maintenance guide that comes along with the user manual. Over time, we have learnt that the outer body can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

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For tank cleaning, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Discard the water in the storage tank once every 15 days through the tap.

  2. Always drain the water in the storage tank if you have not used the purifier for more than 2 days.

  3. Do not allow any foreign or unexpected material (like dust/ants/insects/other pests) to enter the storage tank. The filtered water in the storage tank may deteriorate in the process.

Although we know how to clean the tank, we do prefer to call the technician periodically for better cleaning and safety of our water purifier.

4. Pay Attention to the Placement of the Water Purifier

We have noticed that the position where the water purifier is installed is critical. Based on the type of kitchen and the amount of space we have, we can choose between a wall-mounted purifier or under the counter water purifier. We suggest wall mounted water purifiers for traditional kitchens and under the counter for modular kitchens where space is a constraint. Care must also be taken that water purifiers should be placed in areas where the temperature is normal.

5. Keep the Exteriors of the Water Purifier Clean

We often forget that along with interior cleaning and care, exterior cleaning of the water purifier is also important. To make a water purifier provide a steady supply of clean drinking water for long we have observed that this step is essential. We clean the outer part of the water purifier with a soft and dry cloth instead of using liquid cleaners. We also regularly clean the tap attached to the water purifier in order to clear any blocks or accumulated debris.

By following these easy tips, we have been successful in keeping our water purifier running efficiently for a long period of time.

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