These 4 Factors Will Help You Determine the Right Water Purifier for Your Family

A water purifier is a must-have in an Indian household. Here are 4 expert tips to help you buy the right kind of water purifier.


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Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier | Get Set Clean
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Are you planning to buy a new water purifier? Do you know what kind of water purifier would be best suited to your needs? Here are some tips to help you make an informed and smart decision.

1) Determine Level of TDS

Begin by getting information about the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content in your water supply. It is important to know if you are supplied with hard water that contains a higher percentage of minerals and salt deposits. If this is the case, you’ll have to choose a water purifier that can treat hard water effectively. Drinking water should not have TDS levels exceeding 500 ppm (parts per million). If the TDS level in your water supply is higher, you should choose a water purifier enabled with RO+UV technology. But if the TDS is below the maximum limit, we suggest you buy an RO water purifier.

2) Cost of Water Purifier

Knowledge helps you make the right decision. So, before you make your purchase find out the price of your preferred brands of water purifier along with some information about the filters. You should also know the number of times the filter will have to be changed and the cost involved. Gather information about the annual service and maintenance plans of various water purifier brands.

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3) Storage Capacity

Before buying a water purifier, check its storage capacity. If you face electricity problems in your area, it would be better to opt for a water purifier with higher storage capacity. Electric water purifiers have a storage capacity of up to 12 litres while non-electric purifiers offer 25 litres.

4) After Sales Service

Before you bring home your new water purifier, find out about the purifier company’s annual service plan and charges. Check if the company’s service centre is located near your locality.

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These tips will help you make the right water purifier buying decision.

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