Don’t Compromise on Your Family’s Health - Signs That Your Water Filter Needs a Replacement

When it comes to the health of your family, it’s very important to be careful. But where does one begin when addressing family health? How about an everyday essential – water.


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Signs That You Need to Replace Water Filter | Get Set Clean
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Often, we might not notice the quality of our water going downscale, because we trust our water purifier for doing its job. But even a top-of-the-line purifier filter requires regular maintenance for the best output.

It’s common to be unfamiliar with the signs of when a purifier needs replacing, or when to do it as part of regular maintenance. To understand all of it better, just follow our guide!

A smart move would be to always have a backup filter so you do not have to use unfiltered water in case of emergencies. Water filters are sold by brand and model number and can be easily found through the system's manual or manufacturer's website.

Know the Life Cycle of Your Purifier

It’s important to note that your water purifier’s life cycle is measured by the gallons of water it will purify over the course of its use. This isn't always a good indicator since the water usage varies per household. Hence, take into consideration the following factors.

  • The quality of water when it is supplied, i.e., the level of contamination before filtration

  • Any prior treatment of water (filtration or chemical treatment) before it is supplied

  • Whether you use more water than an average family household i.e., about 80-100 gallons of water PPPD (Per Person Per Day)

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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Filter

  • When you detect a foul odour from your water, or it tastes unpleasant

  • When you notice a regular decrease in flow rate

  • When you notice a visual indication located on filters with clear containers (it notifies when the filter gets dirty and needs to be replaced)

  • When an active carbon filter gets clogged, it becomes weak, ineffective and useless

Water filter cartridges generally have to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. But in the fast-paced and hectic modern lifestyle, chances are, you might not remember to keep track. Do not worry. The aforementioned indicators can help you understand if your water filter needs replacing.

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Also, remember to check the manufacturer’s water usage guidelines to save yourself from the expiry dates

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