6 Cleaning Tips for your Beautiful Home

House cleaning can be time-consuming and can feel never-ending. There will always be a room or corner that will need cleaning! Here are some house cleaning tips that will make your life easy.


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House cleaning tips for your beautiful home
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Efficient cleaning techniques can quickly transform your house from a cluttered, grubby looking space to a home that you’re proud to show off to friends and family. So, arm yourself with some smart home cleaning tips

Cleaning a little bit every day makes it easy to keep your home clean and hygienic. Having the right cleaning products on hand means that you don’t have to waste time finding products or using other, less effective methods to clean. Always check the back of the packs to understand the correct usage instructions. Also, test all products first on a small inconspicuous area to check the compatibility.

1) Cleaning the Bathroom 

Keep your bathroom well-ventilated while cleaning it. Remove all the shampoo bottles, soap bars, bathroom plants etc. before you start the cleaning process. You can use Cif Bathroom Cleaner that cleans watermarks and soap sediments. Mop the bathroom floor with an effective floor cleaning agent like Domex Floor Cleaner. Check the packs to understand the correct usage instructions. And always test on a small part to check compatibility. Use an effective toilet cleaner like Domex Toilet Cleaner to wash the toilet bowl. Read the back of all the packs for use instructions and test on a small part first.

2) Cleaning the Kitchen 

Deep clean your fridge at least once in 15 days. Throw away all the food items that have gone bad or exceeded their expiry date. You can clean your kitchen shelves with a good cleaner like Cif Kitchen Cleaner. Check the pack to understand the correct usage instructions. Wipe the fridge door and sides every day with a stain removing liquid to keep it shining. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before setting out to clean your electric appliances like the blender and microwave. To clean your microwave, place a cup full of water in the microwave and make it boiling hot. The moisture from the cup will loosen the baked-on food particles on the sides and glass plate on the microwave. You can then quickly wipe it clean. 

Domex Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Dirty dishes are the first thing that people may notice when they walk into your kitchen. So, do the dishes as soon as you can. Use Vim Dishwash Gel to keep them clean and shiny. Keep your kitchen counter neat and shiny. Remove all the leftover food; place them in containers in the fridge.

3) Cleaning the Bedroom 

Change your bedroom bedcovers and bed sheet at least once a week. Bright, colourful sheets can lift the aesthetics of your bedroom interiors. Wipe clean the wardrobe, dressing table and nightstand. Vacuum the curtains and the window frames to remove any dirt and dust. Sweep and mop the floor to keep your bedroom spotless. Always use an effective floor cleaning agent like Domex Floor Cleaner.

4) Cleaning the Living Room 

Run a vacuum over your sofa and furniture to get rid of dust particles that may be trapped in the corners or nooks. You clean also clean your sofa using a mild shampoo once in three months. Please note that your sofa cleaning technique will depend on the type of sofa. A leather sofa should be treated with leather conditioners to maintain its shiny look. 

Wipe glass surfaces like the dining table and the centre table using a stain removing agent. Cif Glass Cleaner can be a good option for you. Always read pack for usage instructions and test on a small part before use. Wipe your glass windows with a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Do not wipe in a circular motion. Move from top to bottom to avoid streaking marks. Allow the glass to dry naturally. 

5) Follow a Regime

To get the best results always do your cleaning in order. First, vacuum/dust different surfaces to get rid of dirt and dust. Then sweep to clean your flooring or surface thoroughly. Then, use a wet cloth to clean the surface and allow air-drying. If you’re treating the floor, mop with an effective floor cleaning agent that also has disinfecting properties. We recommend Domex Floor Cleaner, which is available in the market. Check the pack to understand the correct usage instructions and test on a small part first.

After cleaning and washing the room, floor or object, allow it to dry completely before placing things back and using the room. To maintain a clean home, clear the dust frequently, run a quick wiping session as soon as you spot any stain. Also, keep household items in their respective spots immediately after use. For example, placing the cushions and bolsters neatly, putting your kids toys back in their place, keeping the TV and AC remote in their spot, folding laundry and hanging clothes on hanger at the end of each day and so on. This helps maintain a clean home. Encourage your kids to do the same with their books and games.

6) Donate

It is best to check if you have too many items of the same thing. If you have new and unused utensils, cutlery, or curtain fabric, you may think of donating them. While cleaning your house, keep aside each item that no longer serves your purpose. Accumulate such items from all the areas in your house and consider donating them. This way help someone else while you also de-clutter your home. To keep your home clutter free, you can also follow a ‘one in, one out’ method. When you buy a new thing for your house, try to donate your old item.

There you go! Use these effective tips for a clean and happy home.

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