How to Deep-Clean and Organise Your Wardrobe

Are you at home due to the coronavirus lockdown and have time to spare? Use it to organise your wardrobe and give it a tidy makeover.


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How to Deep-Clean and Organise Your Wardrobe | Get Set Clean
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If you’re wondering how to keep your home clean and tidy, you can start by putting everything in its right place. The things you usually misplace are your clothes and accessories, pulling them out haphazardly whenever you’re in a rush. Your wardrobe could get messy quickly and things might spill out. 

You may have been planning to sort it for a long time but probably felt you never had the time before. Now that you are home, you might want to organise your wardrobe such that it stays organised and tidy for a long time.

1) Deep-Clean Your Cupboard

Start with cleaning. Empty your wardrobe and wipe down every surface with soapy water. You can mix 3 tsp. of dishwashing liquid in 1 litre of water to make a soapy solution. Remember to wipe all the hangers, rods, hooks and drawers too. Thereafter, wipe the soap off with a clean, wet cloth. You can also try using Cif multi-purpose cleaner for this.  Read the pack for instructions before use, and always test on a small part first.

Once the wardrobe is dry, place old newspapers on the shelves to make it easier to clean later. You can also put a few mothballs inside to prevent insects. Check out this article for detailed steps on how to clean your closet.

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2) Clean Your Clothes

Not just your wardrobe, but even the clothes you put inside it must be clean. It is good to wash your clothes after each use, to prevent germs and infection from spreading. This is especially true for clothes that you wear outside, which are likely to have picked up germs if you’ve brushed against a soiled object, or while tending to someone who is unwell. It is better not to repeat clothes without washing them.

Washing clothes thoroughly with detergent is a good way to remove germs. You can also use a bleach-based (sodium hypochlorite) product for towels, clothes, etc. 

If you have a washing machine, wash clothes at the appropriate water temperature setting, in accordance with the directions on the labels of laundry or clothing items. You can use Surf Excel Matic, which is specially formulated for washing machines. Read the pack for instructions before use, and always test on a small part first. Ensure that the clothes are thoroughly dried in the sun before folding them, as residual moisture can lead to fungus growth.

3) Segregate Items

Sort your clothes and accessories into categories, i.e. pants, tops, skirts, dresses, kurtas, belts, scarves and so on. Within each category, segregate items into three piles: keep, donate or toss. Once the sorting is done, you will have a better idea of which items need to go where.

4) Organise Your Clothing

Hang items like tops, kurtas, dresses, skirts, etc. on hangers (preferably wooden, to retain their shape) in descending order of length. You could even hang two tops per hanger. Under shorter items, you can place either storage boxes or piles of clothes, thus utilising the space under hangers.

Purses and occasion-wear like anarkalis and ghaghra-choli sets can be placed on the top shelf of the wardrobe since they are not needed daily. 

Put your lingerie in drawers or in storage boxes. Otherwise, being smaller items, they may get lost between larger clothes and be difficult to locate. Make full use of the door by attaching hooks to hang belts, small bags and scarves.

Organise your wardrobe with these simple tips today. Happy tidying! 


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