Here’s How You Can Deep-Clean Chairs and Sofas in Your Home

Sofas and chairs are among the most used pieces of furniture in your home. Find out how to clean sofa and chairs with these simple tips!


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How to clean sofa
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Sofas and chairs are regularly used by the entire family and are therefore high-touch areas. Cleaning these surfaces becomes very important. Try cleaning them as regularly as possible.

If you’re looking for some useful tips to deep-clean high-touch surfaces, we’ve got you covered.

1) Clean Your Sofas

It’s important to deep-clean your sofas for removing surface dirt and dust, as your family spends a lot of time relaxing on them. To clean your sofa thoroughly, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and food crumbs from it. Make sure to clean the crevices by using the right vacuum cleaner attachment. Remove the cushions, if removable, and wash the cushion covers. You can wash them by hand or machine-wash them.

Next, make a solution of 1 tbsp. laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid with 2 cups of hot water in a spray bottle. You can try using Vim Dishwashing liquid for this. Spray this solution on the sofa. Work in sections. After spraying a section, lightly dab it with a clean cloth or sponge. Wring the cloth or sponge if it gets too wet. Let it air-dry. Test it on an inconspicuous section before applying to the entire sofa. Do read the care label to know how to wash and dry the sofa upholstery. Use as per the usage instructions on the pack.

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2) Clean Your Hard-Backed Chairs

Your hard-backed chairs are high-touch surfaces that should be cleaned regularly. Dust them daily to remove loose dirt and clean with a regular household detergent and water. After cleaning, you can disinfect them for better hygiene. You can use Domex Multi-Purpose Disinfectant spray for this. It contains Sodium Hypochlorite as recommended by leading health organisations to disinfect surfaces at home. It safely kills germs on frequently touched surfaces in rooms and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. Always follow the usage instructions on the pack, test on a small hidden area and rinse to check compatibility first.

After touching any surface, we suggest you wash your hands with soap, or use an alcohol-based sanitiser such as those available from Lifebuoy.

You can try these tips to deep-clean your home and keep your chairs and sofas clean. Ramp up your health and safety precautions by using these simple pointers.


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