Working from Home? Here’s How to Make House-Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

Has working from home and absence of house help become the new norm for you? How do you balance office work with household chores like cleaning and disinfecting in such times? These house-cleaning tips are sure to help you stay organised and maintain cleanliness at home even as you focus on office work.


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How to Make House Cleaning Schedule and Checklist | Get Set Clean
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A clean home is essential, especially to prevent the spread of infections and germs, but keeping your home neat and tidy takes some effort. If you are currently working from home, you might be trying to balance your household chores (without house help) with home organising and completing your office work. The main aspect of making house-cleaning easy is to organise it using a checklist and schedule. Here are some tips for making one.

Print out your cleaning schedule or make a chart and display it somewhere visible, like on your fridge, to ensure you do not forget or miss a task.

1) Make a Cleaning Schedule

House cleaning encompasses regular cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces (e.g. tables, cabinet handles, etc), rooms or areas of the house (e.g. bathroom, bedroom, etc) and furniture (e.g. cupboards, cabinets, shelves, etc). It is not possible to clean all this daily or at once because there is always some important task that gets in the way and either delays or changes plans. This is more so if you are a working woman. 

So, making a schedule goes a long way in ensuring you get things done. You can split tasks into Daily, Weekly, Monthly categories. If you have roommates, or family at home, you can allocate them different cleaning responsibilities.

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2) Plan Daily and Weekly Tasks

A few cleaning jobs, like cleaning the wardrobe and inside drawers, need to be done occasionally. Other tasks, like disinfecting the fridge, cleaning the toilet, etc. can be done weekly. And jobs like sweeping, dusting, mopping, tidying could be a part of your daily cleaning list.

3) Clean Different Rooms

Depending on the size of your house, consider cleaning different rooms on a rotational basis. So, clean living room on one day, bedroom on another, bathroom on the third, etc. This way each area will stay clean regularly without overwhelming you or tiring you. Even when your maid is around, it is a good idea to space out cleaning in this manner. Also, along with cleaning of different rooms, you can disinfect them for better hygiene.  

For disinfecting various high touch surfaces in rooms, you can use Domex Multi-Purpose Disinfectant spray. It contains Sodium Hypochlorite as recommended by leading health organisations for disinfecting surfaces at home. This spray can be used in toilet area, dustbin, kitchen sink, switches, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, counters etc., leaving everything clean and fresh. It safely kills germs on frequently touched surfaces in rooms and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. Follow usage instructions on the pack and always test on a small hidden area and rinse to check compatibility first.

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your hands after touching the surfaces. You can use soap or an alcohol-based sanitiser such as those available from Lifebuoy.

Going about house cleaning in this organised way will help you manage both your office work and house work.

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