Keep Your Home Dust-Free with These Simple Cleaning Tips

Maintaining a spic-and-span home is no child’s play. Use the cleaning tips listed here to clean your home like a pro.


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No matter what you do, dust will find a way into your house. You need to follow a disciplined cleaning schedule to keep your floor and other surfaces in your house free of dust. This will not only beautify your home but will also be beneficial for your family members. Dust is a major allergen and can trigger many respiratory problems. You do not need to be a housekeeping expert to keep your home dust-free. However, you can clean it like a real expert using simple yet smart cleaning tips given here. 

1) Dusting Your Home

Give all the items in your house a good dusting at least once a week. This includes your furniture, antique showpieces and other surfaces. Sweep and mop the floor daily. Wipe your curtains and drapes with a damp sponge once every two months. A dishwashing liquid helps remove stains from your walls. Make a solution comprising ½ a tsp. of dishwashing liquid diluted in 1 cup of water. You can try using Vim dishwashing liquid for this. We suggest you do a patch test on an inconspicuous area first to check the compatibility.    

2) Use Doormats

Do not let your guests or family members bring dirt and muck from the outside into your home. Place a doormat at the entrance. As a rule, do not allow people to roam inside your house wearing outdoor footwear. 

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3) Shut Windows

If you stay at the higher floors of a building, this is particularly important for you. Keep your windows shut during the day. Dust finds its way into your home with the wind that blows through your windows. This tip may seem too simple, but it is very effective in curbing the amount of dust that settles inside your home. 

4) Cleaning Cloth

Invest in a good quality microfiber cloth. It is very helpful in wiping off the dust from various surfaces of your home. Keep it in an easy-to-reach, accessible area so that you can grab it whenever there’s a spill, or you need to clean up a dusty surface. 

These easy and effective tips will ensure your home remains clean and dust-free.

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