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Tips for Maintaining Germ-Free Furniture and Household Essentials

With the pandemic in full swing, keeping our houses clean and germ-free at all times has become imperative. From our favourite couch to household essentials, we can’t afford to miss out on anything. Here are some easy tips that will help you maintain germ-free furniture and household essentials.


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Germ-free furniture & household essential
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We all have a favourite sofa or piece of furniture on which we spend a substantial amount of time. But when was the last time we thoroughly cleaned them? The pandemic has made us realize the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in our house at all times. While we may be doing basic cleaning every day, we need to understand that cleaning various surfaces that we have come into regular contact with is a great practice to keep ourselves, and our family safe from germs. We have tried using DIY germ killers and sprays to clean our house, but we really can’t be sure about their efficacy in killing germs.

You may think that doing all this will be a tiring and time-consuming process, but we have some tried and tested tips to make this job easier and keep your furniture and household essentials germ-free!

1. Your Furniture Needs More Than “Occasional Cleaning”

Our sofas could be breeding grounds for germs as we tend to spend a lot of time on them. They often end up being victims of liquid spills, food particles, body oils, pet dander, and other indoor pollutants. This realization caused us to increase the frequency of vacuuming the upholstery of our furniture from once a week to every three days. And, there is one more thing that we have started doing daily- using an alcohol-based spray on all our furniture including coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, beds etc. But first, we did a patch test on sofas and other upholstery to ensure that the spray didn’t cause any damage. We chose Domex Germ-Kill Spray for this purpose as it can be used on multiple surfaces and is safe to use on furniture. On checking this product's label, we saw that it has the required alcohol levels recommended by leading health organizations across the world for maintaining germ-free furniture. Hence, we could be certain about its efficacy in killing germs on all surfaces.

2. Banish Germs in your Kitchen and Bedroom

Domex Aerosol Spray

While we may be doing regular cleaning in our kitchens and bedrooms, can we be sure that they are free of germs? Kitchen counters, kitchen sinks, appliances like microwave and refrigerator, cabinet handles, stove and oven knobs are all places where germs can be found. As for our bedrooms, just changing bed linen regularly may not be enough. Even our mattresses could be harbouring germs. This is why we have been using Domex Germ-Kill Spray consistently on all these surfaces to ensure our homes are as safe as possible. Its sheer ease of use makes it an extremely handy product to have around. All we had to do was shake it well, hold it upright and then spray it on the surfaces. Yes, we even use it on our mattresses, as it can be used on different kinds of surfaces. There was also no need to wipe it after spraying, and it also left behind a great fragrance!

3. Gadgets and Toys can be a Hotspot for Germs

Germs are mostly found on those surfaces that you touch often. Your gadgets which you touch several times a day could be milling with germs. This includes your television, TV remote, playstation consoles, laptops, mobile phones, and so on. We also realized that the toys our kids play with could be laden with germs. Thus, we ensure that we degerm all these surfaces with Domex Germ-Kill Spray every day – it is incredibly convenient that this is safe to use on electronics too! We also noticed the spray lasted for quite some time, despite multiple usages, which is definitely a bonus.

4. Don't Forget Cleaning Door Knobs and Railings

Doorknobs and railings are often ignored when it comes to cleaning. But it's often these neglected areas that could be a breeding ground for germs. Doorknobs, cabinet handles, railings, light switches, and even lamps are all high-touch surfaces. They need to be cleaned with a reliable product like the Domex Germ-Kill Spray. We love this product since it makes cleaning an absolute breeze and helps kill germs on surfaces without the need for any water or other cleaning agent like soap.

5. Focus on Reducing the Moisture & Humidity in Your Home

We all know that a high content of moisture and humidity is an attractant for germs. This is particularly a cause of concern during the monsoons. We have observed that one of the ways of dealing with this problem and keeping the house germ-free is through proper utilization of fans. Leaving windows and doors open whenever possible allows fresh air and natural sunlight to enter the house. This not only helps keep the house dry but allows for ventilation and prevents the accumulation of germs in the air.

6. Declutter Your House

Over congested spaces make it more difficult to clean, which often makes them a hot spot for germs. We began the process of decluttering by taking out expired food items from the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator, removing things like broken pens, empty tissue boxes, chargers that do not work, donating old clothes, getting rid of old/unused furniture and so on. These simple steps only made the house look spacious but also helped us in our endeavour to keep our home germ-free.

These tips will definitely help in keeping your furniture and household essentials germ-free.


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