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Tips to Clean Your Electronics & Keep Them Germ-Free!

Have you ever wondered how clean the electronics we use really are? Here are some tips to keep our electronics germ-free at all times!


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Tips to get germ-free and clean electronics
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Let’s take a moment to think about the last time we cleaned our electronics, sanitized our smartphones or disinfected our laptops. These are all devices that we literally thrive on in the 21st century, but hardly pay attention to when it comes to germ removal. And, given that we are living amidst a pandemic, it becomes even more important to pay attention to the smallest act of hygiene, especially when we have our kids and the elderly using these devices.

Smartphones, remote controls, laptops, televisions, etc are magnets for dirt, dust and grime. All the germs from our hands also end up on them and then the inevitable cycle of them going back and forth between our hands and the devices starts. The real fear is that this germ-spreading cycle can cause various kinds of illnesses including stomach flu. We’ve also tried some DIY germ-removing cleaning agents at home, but there is no guarantee that they actually work to remove the germs. So, we’ve got some simple, quick tips for you to keep your electronics clean and germ-free whether you’re at home, in the office or anywhere else in the outdoors.

1. Always use a soft, microfiber cloth to clean electronics

We all know how precious our devices are to us – so extra care needs to be taken to ensure their safety while cleaning due to their delicate nature. Using a soft cloth to clean and remove dust particles will ensure we are cleaning them without causing any harm and prevent scratches on screens of phones, televisions, etc.

2. Dust off the Solid Particles First

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With the current state of the world, it is common to snack or have meals while we’re working on our laptops. Children are also attending online classes and fine pencil shavings, eraser bits, etc. all seem to find a way to settle into keyboards, device crevices, etc. These can usually be dusted off the devices, by simply shaking them gently to dislodge them. We recommend doing this on a regular basis to ensure devices remain clean. Another plus point – we’ve found that this helps to maintain the sensitivity of touch screens of devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

3. Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Crevices and Screen Edges

We all are well aware of those annoying little corners on our devices where dust just seems to settle and not come out easily. Rounded corners of touchscreens, the gaps between the keys of a keyboard, the spaces between remote buttons, the crevices of our car remotes – all of these are tough to clean. The simplest way to get the dry dust out of these places is to use cotton swabs (cotton buds). If desired, the cotton swabs can be lightly dipped in water and used to reach those tiny corners that are tough to clean even with our fingers.

4. Use Germ-Removal Wipes 

The most important thing to remember is that it is not just enough to have clean devices; we must make every effort to ensure that they are germ-free as well. In our quest for a convenient and effective solution to remove all the contaminants and germs on our electronic devices, we found that multi-purpose cleansers like Domex Germ-Removal Wipes have proved to be effective. They come in easily re-sealable packets that can be used not just at home, but also on the go, which is very helpful, especially during this time of the pandemic. After reading the pack, we learnt that they are made with a powerful formula which ensures effective cleaning and germ removal from surfaces and leave behind a pleasant fragrance. What’s more, we’ve experienced that they are gentle on our hands too, so using them to clean our electronic devices in the home or on-the-go will not dry out our hands.

5. Remember to Keep Cables and Cords Clean as Well

Keeping our electronic devices clean and germ-free is absolutely essential, but did you know that maintaining the charging cables, cords and wires is equally important. We don’t want any germs and dust to transfer from the wires to the devices and vice versa, so keeping those wires clean, mess-free, untangled and germ-free is a sure-shot tip to help even devices stay free from germs. Removing dust from the wires and adapters using a microfiber cloth, keeping the wires untangled and wiping them using safe cleaning agents wipes like Domex Germ-Removal Wipes, will ensure their cleanliness and long life.

6. Device Covers Also Need to be Cleaned from Time to Time

Laptop bags, mobile phone cases, mouse pads, tablet covers, remote boxes – these could be hotspots for germs to thrive and dust to collect. This dust and germs would eventually transfer to our devices. In our experience, keeping them clean goes a long way in ensuring our safety. They can be wiped using a damp cloth to remove the dust, and the germs can be dealt  with  using Domex Germ-Removal Wipes. Finally, leave them to air-dry to ensure effective cleaning. Just ensure that the covers are completely dry before re-inserting your devices and you will be good to go.

Now that we’ve shared these handy tips on how to clean your electronic devices and keep them germ-free, we hope you will incorporate them in your daily routine to maintain cleanliness and hygiene always!

Here are three things you must keep in mind to ensure your safety and the safety of the electronics while cleaning:

  • Always check the device manual first for manufacturer recommendations on ‘how to clean.’

  • Remove all power sources, switch off devices or remove the batteries before you start cleaning.

  • Do not spray any liquids, DIY solutions, cleaners or sanitizers directly onto the electronics.

Please ensure that you are extra careful to avoid spilling of any water or cleaning product while cleaning your devices.

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