How to Clean Your Laptop Screen Like an Expert

Fingerprint stains and dirt on your laptop screen creates unnecessary distraction while working. Here’s how to clean your laptop screen to keep it gleaming.

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How to clean laptop screen
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You do not want dirt and greasy stains on your laptop obstructing the view during a zoom call. So, you must clean your laptop screen regularly. If you are in a habit of eating or sipping coffee while working, you must also have to occasionally deal with food crumbs or coffee stains on your laptop. Sometimes, the stains get transferred from the keyboard to the laptop screen when you close it. Different type of stains on the laptop screen need to be tackled differently. Follow the steps given below based on the type of stain on your laptop.

Ingredients to Keep Handy

a) Microfibre cloth

b) Sponge

c) Dishwashing liquid

d) Disinfectant spray

e) Glass cleaner

How to Clean Laptop Screen

Shut down your laptop and wipe your display screen with a microfibre cloth. A microfibre cloth picks more dirt and dust than other types of cloths which makes job faster. Since it is a soft, non-abrasive and a lint-free material, it prevents scratches on your laptop while cleaning. Do not wipe in circular motion as it will simply relocate the dust particles. Wipe the cloth across your laptop screen. Repeat the step if needed.

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How to Clean Dirt and Grime from Your Laptop Screen

  1. Step 1: Clean the Dust

    Get rid of the surface dust by wiping the laptop screen with a microfibre cloth. A microfibre cloth picks more dirt and dust than other types of cloths which makes job faster.

  2. Step 2: Wipe with Damp Sponge

    Do not use tap water to dampen the sponge. Use bottled distilled water. Since your laptop screen is delicate, distilled water becomes the right option to clean it due to the absence of dissolved impurities in it. Wring the sponge properly to avoid exposing your laptop to excessive moisture. Cover the keyboard with a plastic to prevent water from seeping into your laptop’s system. Wipe the laptop screen with the damp-dry sponge.

  3. Step 3: Allow Air-Drying

    Let the screen air dry. Do not close your laptop until the display screen has dried thoroughly.

How to Clean Oil and Sticky Stuff from Your Laptop

  1. Step 1: Prepare Cleaning Solution

    Take some distilled bottled water in a bowl and add a drop of dishwashing liquid to it.

  2. Step 2: Soak a Sponge

    Soak the sponge in the cleaning solution and wring properly. Ensure that the sponge is not dripping but is only damp-dry.

  3. Step 3: Wipe the Affected Area

    Gently scrub off the oily stain from your laptop screen. Do not apply too much pressure. Ensure that the soapy water does not drip onto your laptop keyboard. You can also use disinfectant wipes for cleaning the oily stain.

  4. Step 4: Wipe with Microfibre Cloth

    Rinse off the soapy layer using a damp microfibre cloth. Let the screen air dry.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

Your keyboard also accumulates a large amount of dirt and food debris. To keep it hygienic you must clean your keyboard regularly too.

  1. Step 1: Remove Surface Dust

    Wipe the keyboard gently with a microfibre cloth. To clean hard-to-reach areas, use an old toothbrush.

  2. Step 2: Turn the Keyboard Upside Down

    Hold your laptop inverted and gently shake it to remove dirt particles lodged in between the buttons of your keyboard.

  3. Step 3: Disinfect

    Use disinfectant wipes to disinfect the surface. Disinfectant wipes help eliminate bacteria. Always test any product on a small hidden area and rinse to check compatibility first.

Safety Measures to Observe While Cleaning Your Laptop

Before you start cleaning your laptop, please ensure that it is unplugged. If possible, remove the battery of your laptop.

Do not use kitchen towel or tissue paper to wipe your laptop screen. They may seem soft to touch and feel. But, they can seriously scratch and damage the display screen of your laptop.

Never use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners on your laptop screen. They can hamper your laptop’s performance.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start cleaning your laptop. Some brands of laptops can be cleaned with soapy water. However, there are others that strictly advise against it.

Precautions to Be Taken

You can enhance the lifespan of your laptop by observing some precautionary measures like placing a thin microfibre cloth in between the laptop screen and the keyboard. When not in use, keep your laptop encased in a laptop bag, out of reach of children.

Laptops have revolutionized the way we work. They offer us great convenience and the flexibility of working from the comforts of our homes or a café. Use the cleaning methods given here to keep your laptop looking brand new.

Key Step

If you are using a cleaning agent on your laptop screen, ensure that it is free of acetone, ethyl alcohol, toluene, ethyl acid, ammonia, or methyl chloride

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