Want to Bring Back Your White Clothes to Life With a New-Like Shine? Here Are Some Effective Ways To Do So!

Want to Bring Back Your White Clothes to Life With a New-Like Shine? Here Are Some Effective Ways To Do So!


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How to bring white clothes back to life?
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We all dread instances when something spills on a cherished piece of white clothing. Those yellow turmeric stains, brown coffee stains, or even the hideous sweat stains around the armpits never really go away completely. Even with some intensive laundry routines, keeping white clothes sparkling white forever seems almost impossible. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that we have tried and found useful in brightening white clothes, bringing them back to their original shade despite being soiled and stained. Check out these easy yet effective ways to bring your white clothes back to life with a new-like shine!

1. Wash White Clothes after Every One or Two Wears

Even though it can’t be seen easily, we have observed that body oil, dry skin and perspiration can make white clothes turn yellow or grey over time. Hence, we feel the best way to address this concern is to wash them well before they get a chance to build up and change the appearance of your white clothes. What we’re saying is that you need to wash your white garments after every wear, or maybe two wears, to prevent the yellow or grey hues from appearing.

2. Attack Stains as Soon as Possible

Whether it’s a ketchup or coffee stain, the only way to get rid of it effectively is to treat it as soon as you spot it. But, there are times when you miss out on these stains, which is why we have found using a product like Rin Ala Fabric Whitener extremely useful. For stubborn stains, all we had to do was put three and a half caps of the fabric whitener in a mug and soak the stained part of the fabric for about 20 minutes. This was then followed by washing the piece of cloth with detergent. Voila! Our garment was as good as new!

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3. Separate Whites from Coloured Clothes

To save time, effort, and detergent, many of us make the mistake of washing whites and coloured clothes together. We have seen that the results can be catastrophic at times as colour dyes run into the sparkly whites giving them a different shade altogether. A simple step of separating the load of whites from coloured clothes can help retain their original appearance.

4. Use a Fabric Whitener

A fabric whitener is the best way to restore the original appearance of white clothes. We used Rin Ala Fabric Whitener for this purpose and were amazed by the dazzling whiteness it lent to our clothes. We saw that it was not only great for white clothes but also for our white bedsheets and towels that had yellowed over time. It got rid of the toughest of stains and made our clothes look as good as new. On checking the label, we found that its advanced bleach releases oxygen when added in water, which in turn removes tough stains and gives you whiter clothes.

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To use the product, all we had to do was add 3 and a half caps of Rin Ala Fabric Whitener in half a bucket of water and soak our white clothes in it for 30 minutes. Then we had to rinse and wash them with detergent as usual.

5. Don’t Overdo the Detergent

We all think that by using more detergent, our clothes will get whiter and cleaner. But, we have noticed that when we use too much detergent, it leaves a lot of residue on our clothes, which in turn traps more dirt and grime. Thus, using more detergent makes the clothes dirtier. Hence, we suggest using only the required quantities of detergent and to make sure that the load is always rinsed well.

6. Dry in the Sun

Sun has a natural bleaching effect. We noticed that hanging our clothes in the sun not only dried them, but also simultaneously helped in whitening them. In case you are not able to dry your clothes under the sun due to bad weather or for some other reason, you can also dry your white clothing in a dryer. Since too much heat can damage the fabric, we suggest using a lower heat setting on the dryer and taking the clothes out while they are still a little damp to prevent yellowing.

These tips can bring your white clothes back to life with a new-like shine.

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