Tips to Remove Stains From White Clothes in the Washing Machine

Removing tough stains from white clothes isn’t easy, but definitely not impossible. Here’s a roundup on how you can keep your whites looking impeccably bright!


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How to remove stains from white clothes
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Reading time: 5 minutes

There’s nothing quite as elegant as wearing a sparkling clean white shirt, a pristine white blouse or crisp white trousers. But we all know how difficult it is to get the stains out of these white garments, especially if there are tough spots on areas like the collars, underarms, and sleeves. This is the reason many of us avoid wearing our favourite white outfits for the fear of dropping food, spilling a drink or just getting the fabric dirty. And since we mostly wash our clothes in the washing machine to save time and manual effort, it is difficult to predict whether the greasy oily and/or dirt stains would effectively get treated or not. We also want the fabric’s texture and shine to remain intact after the clothes are washed in the washing machine. So, if you’re worried about how to remove stains from white clothes, don’t be, because we’re here with a full-proof solution to clean them thoroughly!

So, if you’re worried about how to get those tough stains out of your white clothes, don’t be, because we’re here with a full proof solution to clean them thoroughly!

1. Always Separate the Whites Before Washing

This step is as simple as gathering together all your white clothes. In our experience, washing our whites separately is always a better idea as it prevents even the slightest spillage of colour from the coloured clothing onto our pristine white ones. Separate your pile of whites and check them for tough stains.

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2. Pre-soak to Remove Tough Stains

We’ve found that some stains are more stubborn than the others and cannot be removed by simply running them through a wash cycle in a washing machine. They need a little bit of extra attention and effort. For that, we suggest soaking them for about 30-40 minutes in a bucket of lukewarm water. We then upgraded our laundry routine with the ultimate stain removal experience using Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shots. This easy-to-use laundry detergent solution comes with a unique Three Chamber Smart Technology to provide multiple benefits. This not only washed tough stains but also protected the fabric and left a Lasting Fragrance. Imagine all this by just tossing a Smart Shot.

3. Scrub the Tougher Stains If Needed

Usually, pre-soaking white clothes in detergent is enough to loosen the tough stains, and the rest of the work can be done by the washing machine. But, in some instances, like if the stain has been left for far too long or has encrusted onto the fabric, a little extra effort is needed from our end to get it out.

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We recommend simply tossing a Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shots into your washing machine drum before adding laundry. Completely skipping the measurements or guesswork hassle, giving the most convenient laundry experience. This Smart Shot goes deep into the fabric, working on tough-to-clean stains to deliver advanced stain removal, care and fragrance to your clothes.

4. Use the Right Detergent in the Washing Machine

This is the time when you let go and let the washing machine do its work in ensuring your white clothes emerge clean and fresh. Add in the pre-soaked and pre-treated whites, along with any other whites too that make up your laundry load. Please ensure that there is still room for your palm to fit in between the wall of the drum of the washing machine and the clothes - this will prevent overloading of the machine.

Add in a high-quality detergent such as Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shots . We love the fact that it is available in both the top load and front load variants, making it suitable for every kind of washing machine. As per the pack, Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shots has concentrated liquids which dissolve completely in water during the wash and leave no residue – neither on the clothes nor in the machine! For our white clothes, this is even more important as we wouldn’t want even the slightest bit of detergent residue on our pristine whites.

5. Check the Care Label of the Garments Before Setting the Wash Cycle

After pre-soaking and scrubbing the stains (if needed), take a second or two to check the fabric care label of the garments that you intend to put in the washing machine. It’s a good practice to check the recommended temperature to wash the garments and also the drying method – sun dry, air dry, etc. Once you have added the clothes (pre-treated and others as well) and the detergent to the washing machine, the only thing left is to let the machine do its job. We recommend using a gentle or delicate setting for delicates or softer clothes and a normal or power setting for other whites such as trousers, linens, etc. Set the temperature of the water based on the type of clothes (cold for delicates and slightly soiled office clothing. Warm for synthetic fabrics, heavily soiled clothes, towels, and sheets).

6. Let the Whites Dry Naturally

Once the wash cycle is complete, remove the white clothes from the washing machine and hang them outside to dry naturally. It is possible for machine dryers to cause wear and tear to your white clothing since there is a lot of tumbling in heat conditions. Alternatively, drying on the line is far gentler on your white clothing.

Your white clothes will be as good as new to wear, if you follow all these tips to remove the tough stains from them. Follow these tips on how to remove stains from white clothes and lend them a new-like shine.

Frequently asked questions on tough stains

How do you get stubborn stains out of a shirt at home?

First one must understand the type of stain and the kind of ingredients one can use to pre-treat it. Usually most fresh stains can be pre-treated by emulsifying liquid laundry detergent and applying it on the inner and outer side of the fabric. Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent is a great pick to remove tough stains and also care for your clothes. After letting it soak/sit for some time, rinse well with cold water and the stain should fade away.

What are the different stain types?

While there are multiple types of staining that can occur on fabrics, the most common ones include, blood stains, oil stains, coffee stains, gravy/ketchup stains, ink stains, grease stains, sweat/dirt, cosmetic stains and wine stains. And there are a number of ways one can remove them with the right mix of laundry products!

How do you remove stain from clothes with toothpaste?

Toothpaste is a versatile cleansing agent and can remove many different types of stains, especially food-related stains. Take a pea size amount of the toothpaste, emulsify it with water and directly apply it on the stained area of the fabric. Gently rub the stain till it almost fades away and rinse with lukewarm water, and launder as usual.

Are stubborn stains (oil/ink) permanent on clothes?

It really depends on the type of stain and how long it has been. While some stains are permanent, most common stains caused due to household items can be removed with the right mix of laundry treatments. Surf Excel has a range of products that are designed for tough stain removal in the machine wash whilst retaining the original colour of the fabric.

What is the best stain remover?

When it comes to quick solutions, the most widely used bleaching agent includes vinegar and baking soda. While they are easy hacks they can be harsh on your fabrics, especially for delicate textures. Surf Excel has designed a range of products right from Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent to Surf Excel 3 In 1 Smart Shots for a superior cleaning experience that helps remove tough stains in the machines and cares for your fabric at the same time.

How to remove stains from clothes using baking soda?

It’s very simple to remove stains using baking soda. Simply wet the stained fabric. Then sprinkle some baking soda onto the fabric and let it sit for several minutes. Gently brush away the paste before putting it for a machine wash.

Can baking soda/vinegar remove tough stains from clothes?

Both are commonly known ingredients used to remove stains on clothes. While baking soda acts as a natural bleach or cleanser, the acetic acid in vinegar acts as a disinfectant to lift many different types of stains.

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