8 Innovative Products That Will Transform Your Laundry Routine

Life hacks and instant solutions can sometimes become game changers for your day-to-day life, and laundry being an essential part of daily activities, definitely needs some tips for a convenient and satisfying experience. You are about to be amazed by some transformative laundry products that will charm you and ease your daily laundry activities! Check them out below.


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transformative laundry products
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Reading time: 5 minutes

Laundry is undoubtedly one of the most common tasks people perform every day. But in this era of innovation, products are built with the thought of easing people’s chores and making the process of laundry effortless. Even a product as simple as a cloth rack is created keeping in mind space, ease of use and the immense benefits it can provide to your clothes. While surfing through the internet, you might stumble upon a variety of products, but we bring you the best collection of laundry hacks in this article.

Make the most out of your laundry routine with these innovative Innovative products

Ready to find out what innovative laundry products you can have at home? Here are the eight products you can definitely try using.

1. Organise your socks and never lose them in the washer!

Organise your socks
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Do you tend to lose your socks one by one? With this innovative product, you will always keep your socks in place! The sock holder brings a two-way benefit that will allow you to wash the whole hanger without losing them in the washer. All you have to do is follow three simple steps - washing, drying and hanging. And voila! Your sock will never be separated from its other half! If you are a parent and want to teach your kids about the organisation, here is your opportunity. Children can easily keep their socks in this hanger when they return from school instead of throwing them in unwanted places in the house. The foot-shaped hanger will allow you to hang ten socks at a time, whether in the closet or on the doorknob. Moreover, the beads in between will lock the pairs of socks in. And what better way than eliminating a whole sock drawer and creating more space!

2. A 3-in-1 capsule detergent for advanced stain removal!

Surf excel matic 3 in 1 shots
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Ever heard of detergent capsules? If not, then you, or rather your clothes, are in for a treat! Surf Excel Matic 3-in-1 Smart Shots is for the ultimate laundry experience. This three-chamber smart technology provides advanced stain removal for your clothes and gives unrivalled care for your fabrics. These smart shots are extremely easy to use. Just drop the shot into the washing machine drum, and your clothes are as good as new! This amazing detergent product goes deep into the fabric and works on stubborn stains, making them spotless again. You can use these shots for both front-load and top-load machines and they clean your entire set of laundry in one go. Now do laundry the smart way with no measurements, no fuss and no guesswork. Upgrade to smart shots and say goodbye to your laundry woes!

3.  Keep your lingerie tangle-free with this mesh organiser

Mesh organiser

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You surely don’t want your expensive lingerie to go through wear and tear while washing. So here’s a solution - this unique product is a soulmate for undergarments. The mesh bag allows you to store your lingerie before tossing them into the washing machine. Now, your lingerie won’t take the brunt of usual washes, keeping the shape of your lingerie intact. Mesh bags also prevent your clothes from tangling in the machine and provide a good breathing space. What more? Your clothes can definitely use an extra room for storage while travelling with this multitasker.

4.  Eliminate lint and hair woes with this beautiful mesh filter

Mesh filter

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Do you tend to notice lint and hair leftovers in your washing machine? Well, worry about it no longer! This mesh filter ensures it captures all the stray lint and hair in its mesh bag so that they won’t remain on your clothes. The nets float in the water and trap debris in the regular machine load. They are light and beautiful and can be cleaned easily by just rinsing them under water. For a flawless cleansing experience in the machine, Surf Excel Matic 3-in-1 Smart Shots is the perfect addition to your laundry. The concentrated liquids in the Smart Shot are held together by a transparent film that dissolves completely in water during the wash. So you get a residue-free clothing after laundry, giving an ultimate cleaning experience in washing machine!

5. Get wrinkles-free clothes with this easy hack!

wrinkles-free clothes steamer

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Nobody wants to step out in wrinkled clothes, so why not remedy that with a simple device? This garment steamer is a lifeline as it steams your clothes and makes them wrinkle-free within little to no time. The product comes with distinct steam powers - a less intensity of steam for delicate fabrics while power steam for other fabrics. It is suitable for all types of garments and fabrics, right from cotton to silk and even plushies. This product is as light as they come and can comfortably fit into your travelling bag. Talk about being ready within minutes!

6. Get yourself your very own laundry space saver

laundry space saver

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Think of a versatile bag that stores dirty clothes, used towels, sheets or other fabrics. You probably are thinking of a laundry basket. Now imagine that basket hung on the door, wall or closet. Never heard of such a thing? A bag like this definitely exists! This door-hanging laundry hamper saves your space from sprawled-out clothes or bed sheets, keeping your room clean. Whether it is for a baby’s nursery room, a dorm or a house, this multifunctional hamper always comes in handy when storing clothing essentials. With a spacious area, you can keep your set of dirty or stained laundry in this bag and unload it in your washing machine directly

7. A non-slip washboard to get an easy wash

non-slip washboard

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If your laundry methods involve the traditional hand washing of clothes, then a washing board is the right material for you. This is a foldable washboard, which can easily be hung on the wall or stashed away until further use. You can wash all kinds of clothes on its bumpy, friction-inducing surface. This material is slip-resistant, which will make your washing routine comfortable and easy. What’s more? It is light and easy to carry in case you want to take up laundry during your travels too!

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What is the difference between detergent pods and normal detergent?

Detergent pods are small water-soluble capsules that can be added to a washing machine cycle. They come in a pre-measured, concentrated form. This is in contrast to the normal detergent, where you can measure the detergent powder yourself when adding it to the machine.

Do detergent pods leave any stains behind?

No, detergent pods do not leave stains or residue on your clothes or washing machine.

Why do clothes smell unpleasant after washing?

Clothes can smell unpleasant after washing if you don’t regularly clean your washing machine. After a duration of using the machine, mould, mildew and bacteria proliferate in the inner parts. This can be formed due to the residue or moisture in the machine and leads to the unpleasant smell of clothes.

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