How to Make Your Old Clothes Look Bright Again

If you want to give your old clothes a new lease of life, you’ve come to the right place. These laundry tips will help keep them looking new.


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There’s no need to throw away your dull and faded clothes. Yes, we know that wearing clothes that look old isn’t something you like doing. So, we bring you a few tips to brighten these garments.

1) Wash Your Clothes Inside-Out

This simple and often overlooked tip goes a long way in keeping your clothes looking new for longer. Turn all your dresses, tops, and other clothing items inside-out before putting them in the washer. This prevents damaging your clothes in the washer, especially since the spin cycle can cause some wear and tear. Also, if you are washing garments that have sequins, buttons or beading, washing them inside-out prevents these accessories from damage or coming off.

2) Choose the Right Detergent

Certain detergents can keep colours from fading, remove stains, and are made for delicate fabrics. Always check the care label for instructions. Remember, powder detergents can be harsher on clothes, so opt for a liquid detergent. Delicate garments made from silk, wool and cotton require extra care and using a mild detergent can work wonders. We recommend Love and Care, which is available in the market.

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3) Use Fabric Conditioner

A fabric conditioner lubricates the fabric of your garment during the wash and adds softness. It also adds a mild fragrance to your clothes. You can use a fabric conditioner such as Comfort Core. It is easily available in the market. It keeps the fibres intact, thus making the fabric soft and smooth. It also adds a mild fragrance to the fabric.

4) Use Vinegar

While washing your clothes in your washing machine, simply add a cup of white vinegar into the wash cycle. It prevents the colour from fading away and adds freshness to your clothes. You can also use vinegar to remove tough stains on your garments. Mix 2 tsp. of white vinegar and 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid and pour it on the stain, scrub and then wash. Or you can add ½ cup of white vinegar into ½ bucket of water and soak your garments in it for 40-50 minutes as a pre-wash treatment. The properties in vinegar help break the stain and lock the colours of your clothes.

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5) Soak New Garments in Salt Water

Before washing new garments, soak them in bucket of water mixed with 2-3 tbsp. of salt. Salt helps lock the colour of new garments. Or you can simply add 2 tbsp. of salt to the wash cycle as well.

6) Use Mesh Bags for Delicates

A mesh laundry bag can protect your delicate inner-wear from damage. Place these items in the bag, and put them in your washer. You won’t have to worry about any snags, rips, or tangled clothes.

7) Air-Dry

Air-drying your clothes should always be your preferred option. Similar to how hot water can cause your clothes to shrink, hot air can have the same effect. Set up a clothesline and hang your garments to dry naturally. Doing so also keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Now you won’t have to worry about stepping out looking like you’ve put on something old and ragged. Try these tips to keep your old clothes looking new.

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