Quick and Easy Guide to Remove Gajar Ka Halwa and Other Dessert Stains from Your Clothes

The hype about desserts in India is unmatched. While people with a sweet tooth love some desserts for themselves, the trouble of removing those tough dessert stains from their clothes is also unmatched! Different types of desserts leave some distinct stains on clothes, which are hard to remove. But worry not! Because this guide will solve all your dessert stain problems!


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Dessert Stain
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Indian dishes are the pride of the nation that everyone can’t help but love. And when it comes to desserts, the want for the sweet flavours of Indian desserts is insatiable! But what happens when desserts like gajar ka halwa, rasgulla and other sugary sweetness make their way to your clothes? These dessert stains contain food constituents like milk, sugar syrup, saffron and chocolate, to name a few, that stick to the fabrics of clothes, and a simple wash wouldn’t be enough for them. To make the process easier, we name some of the hardest dessert stains and how to remove them from your clothes.

Indian dessert stains that are tough to clean

Some Indian desserts can be a headache to clean from clothes, but with the right process and some magical products, everything is easy. Let’s explore the various types of desserts and how to get their stains off your clothes!

1. Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is North India’s pride, but when it spills on your clothes, the stickiness latches on to the fibres. Gajar ka halwa is a sticky element made from constituents like mild cardamom powder, ghee and more that makes thickens the consistency of the dish, and this thickness sticks to the fabric. In such instances, your washing formula needs a boost.

Surf Excel power concentrate

Tips to remove the stain: Wondering how to remove these tough stains without damaging your fabric? The best way is to use a concentrated cleansing formula like the Surf Excel Matic Power Concentrate, which ensures 2X clean and a superior wash with deep stain-removal technology. With this formula, your halwa stains can vanish in three simple steps. Simply load the clothes in your top load or front load washing machine, pour half a cap power concentrate and start the machine! This innovative formula dissolves completely in the washing machine on its own without leaving any residue in the machine or on clothes.

2. Ras Malai

Ras malai is a dessert rich in milk, saffron and cardamom, and while this combination is feels like paradise in the mouth, it can leave some of the toughest stains behind on your clothes. Removing milk stains can be a tough job, especially when these stains dry. Milk forms a protein-based stain, which adheres to the fabric and turns yellow over time if not removed properly. Moreover, removing saffron stains can also give you a hard time due to its colour.

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Tips to remove the stain: In case of a ras malai spill, remove the stain in just three steps. Get rid of the maximum amount of food particles by scraping the surface of the fabric with a thin object. Then treat the stain with cold water. It will be ideal if you soak the garment in a bucket of water with some detergent liquid. After half an hour, put the stained clothes in the washing machine and run it on a regular cycle.

GSC tip: At the time of pre-treatment, try blotting dessert stains using a dry microfiber cloth or paper towels or with a clean cloth and plain water. This should be enough to get most of the stains off.

3. Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla

Everyone loves the thick, sugary syrup or ‘chashni’ that comes with a gulab jamun or rasgulla dish. But when this sticky substance spills on your clothes, removing its stains becomes tough. If you rub it too hard, it could most like fade the original colour of your clothes or even damage the fabric.

Tips to remove the stain: The best way to get rid of chashni stains is to act immediately. Take a butter knife or any flat-surfaced object to remove all excess syrup from the surface of the cloth. Next, wet a handkerchief or napkin and blot the stain to remove it from the fabric. Once done, toss the garment in the washing machine and run it on a regular cycle.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate stains are some of the most stubborn stains to remove from a fabric. It is a combination of three different types of constituents - protein, oil and tannin - which can ruin your clothes when penetrated into the fibres. Where chocolate stains are concerned, you should act promptly and keep them away from warm temperatures. Warm temperatures can melt the chocolate and worsen the stain.

Tips to remove the stain: To be rid of the toughest chocolate stains, remove the solid residue from the clothes immediately and sponge or blot the area with cold water. You could soak the cloth for a few minutes or simply add it to your washing cycle along with Surf Excel Matic Power Concentrate. Its one-of-a-kind deep stain-removal technology gives your clothes superior washing, making them spot-free! What’s more? Surf Excel’s new intense fragrance is exotic and has a dewy and floral fruity note that gives a long-lasting effect!

5. Kulfi

A frozen Indian dessert such as kulfi is rich in milk content, which demands a tough cleaning job. The protein content in milk settles on the fabric, and the more you leave it as it is, the more it will be difficult to remove.

Tips to remove the stain: You can remove tough kulfi or ice cream stains by soaking the stained fabric in cold water for five to ten minutes, and longer if the stain is dry. If you see any remnants of stains, pour liquid laundry detergent on the stained area and rub the surface to create friction on the cloth. Finally, wash the cloth in the washing machine according to the instructions mentioned on the care label.

GSC Tip: Do not use hot water on protein-based stains such as milk. Otherwise, the stain could settle on your clothes permanently, making it harder for you to clean without damaging the fabric. Instead, treat the cloth with cold water.

The above-mentioned steps can help you take care of the toughest stains while maintaining the original texture and appearance of your clothes. Although dessert stains are one of the most stubborn stains to eliminate from your clothing, most of these stains follow a simple removal process. Here are some additional hacks that might help.

Quickly remove any excess stains from the surface of your clothes

Never delay stain removal; otherwise, they can be permanent and ruin your nice fabrics. Act quickly, and remove all the excess food particles from your clothes before they dry up and settle in.

Switch to a powerful liquid formula

The fastest way to get rid of the toughest stains is by skipping the pre-treatment process and introducing a concentrated liquid formula with a deep, superior wash. Surf Excel Matic Power Concentrate is a great pick for such stains!

Soak the fabric in cold water

As hot water helps the stain settle and makes it harder to remove, it is better to use cold water when soaking stain-filled clothes. You can also add liquid laundry detergent to the water as you soak.

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Frequently asked questions on dessert stains

Can I use alcohol to remove stains?

Yes, alcohol can be used in the process of removing stains. Instead of using a stain remover pen, you can add alcohol to a spraying bottle or use instant hand sanitizer and spray some amount on the stains to remove them.

How can I remove unknown stains from clothes?

In case of an unknown stain, washing soda or detergent can help. Dip a cloth in a solution of baking soda or detergent and water, and wipe the stain with the cloth. Rinse the cloth well and let it dry. If the stain remains, cover the stain with an absorbing material rubbed with alcohol. Let it remain for several minutes, and then wipe down the stained area with a cloth dipped in ammonia.

How do you get chocolate or ice cream stains out of clothes?

To help remove ice cream or chocolate stains, you'll want a slightly effective washing liquid, like Surf Excel Matic Power Concentrate, that more concentrated and formulated to give 2X POWER! And removes toughest dessert stains by pouring just half cap in machine for a full load and get the best results

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