Tips To Remove Tea And Hot Chocolate Stains From Woollen Clothes

As winter arrives and you let the softness of woollen clothes hug you, the next thing your taste buds crave is some hot chocolate or just sip some hot tea. And just while you get all cosy, bam! There’s the uninvited guest - a stain. But, don’t you worry! Here’s something we have for you. Just read along.


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Reading time: 5 minutes

It’s hard not to love a season of scarves, sweaters, socks and all your favourite woollen clothes. Especially when it’s the season of long trips and drives. A season that turns your balcony into a vacation spot. You can see the dew drops, the fog settling on your window making everything blurry but beautiful and then there’s you.  

While you are engrossed in this blissful experience, there’s a cup of absolute delight in your hand. But here comes the most significant mishap - spilling that hot chocolate. Then begins the panic and the disappointment of not knowing how to save your outfit. 

However, we are here to help you out of this messy situation, with our specially curated list of solutions to rely on in such times.  

1. Go from sinful to stainless with a smart capsule!      

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Cozy days are about wearing a sweater, reading your favourite book and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa or some spiced tea. Well, this does sound like an indulgent experience, doesn’t it? But while being too engrossed in the story, a little twist of the hand can lead to a spill on that sweater. W6hen such a situation arises, it is recommended to follow the rule of three.  

  • Firstly, don’t worry. This damage is not permanent.  

  • Calmly put the stain under cold running water. Do not dab directly.  

  • Once the stain is lightened, put the sweater into the washing machine. Rather than going for a detergent, opt for a smarter option! Pop in a Surf Excel Matic 3-in-1 Smart Shot, which will not only remove the stain but also condition the fibres during the wash cycle and leave a lasting fragrance. It’s the power of 3 in just 1 detergent capsule that will help protect your woollens even with a regular wash! All you have to do is pop it in and watch the capsule work its magic!  

GSC Tip:  Use a cotton ball dipped in warm glycerin and wipe off the traces of tea or hot chocolate from your light-coloured woollen clothes. Simple, isn’t it?

2. Dry-Drain-Dab 

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While embracing the magic of winter, a cup of hot chocolate is something everyone loves to cherish. And everything becomes a warm delight with a pair of woollen clothes comforting you. But when a spill occurs or that cup slips from your hands for an artwork on your woollens you didn’t ask for, we have a solution for you. Move over DIYs. Try Dry-Drain-Dab

  1. Step 1: Let the stain dry on the cloth. To do so, lay it open under the fan.  

  2. Step 2: Then mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda with 1 cup of cool water. This will loosen the stain and drain away the excess particles when you empty the bucket. 

  3. Step 3: Later, soak the cloth in the solution & lightly dab the stained area and press down with a microfiber cloth. 

3. Don’t pick a side. Wash both! 

 By the very nature of woollen clothes, they're an intricate network of meshes intertwined to form a piece of clothing. While handling machine-made woollen wear leaves room for some intense rubbing on the stain, hand-woven garments need special care.  

When any form of chocolate stains your woollen wear, remove the piece of clothing and invert it. If there is no stain whatsoever, take a sigh of relief. However, in the event of a slight stain as well, don’t forget to rub some detergent on it. If untreated, chances are a lighter version of the stain will permanently stay on your garment.  

Simply put your woollen clothes in the washing machine and pop a Surf Excel Matic 3-in-1 Smart Shot detergent capsule, which simplifies your laundry process. Its unique three chamber smart technology work together to provide advanced stain removal, long-lasting fragrance, and care for fabrics. What’s better is that it can be used for both, top and front load washing machines!

These capsules are super effective on scarves, sweaters, gloves and any woollen wear that you might stain while enjoying your delicious warm drinks.   

4. Exercise caution before care

Embroidery, lace work, patchwork, organza and even woollen wear come in the category of extremely gentle care owing to their nature of delicate work or in some cases, handwork. Nobody wants the fibers/threads of their favourite sweater loosely hanging like lint after the garment has been washed in the washing machine.  

To ensure that none of this happens, in the event of a chocolate stain don’t run to the washing machine. Check the tags and read the wash instructions carefully. In case of pashmina wool garments, it is recommended to pay a visit to the dry cleaner or gently handwash the garments and leave them under the sun to dry.  

Did You Know? 

You can make smart use of your spoon to scrape away the excess from the blob of stain before putting it for a wash.

Frequently asked questions on chocolate stains

What are some homemade antidotes to remove a chocolate stain from a woollen outfit?

To try the vinegar hack, pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar into a cup of water and fill a spray bottle halfway. Spray the stain with the solution and try to wipe the garment gently. Soak your clothes in water and detergent for 10 minutes. After that, the stain will gradually lift. Scrub, rinse, and air dry afterwards.

How should a fresh hot chocolate stain be treated from a woollen cloth?

Remove the excess particles by hand or with a spoon. Run cold water on the back side of the fabric. Wash it off with a bar of soap and some cold water.

What is to be used in the absence of vinegar at home?

The most common method for removing stains from woollen garments is to use vinegar. But what if you don't have any right now? You could try lemon juice as an alternative. Dip the fabric in lemon juice or apply it to the stain for 5 minutes or longer if the stain is more severe. Allow the cloth to air dry after rinsing it with lukewarm water.

How to machine wash a hot chocolate stain from woollen clothes?

Machine washing with a strong detergent is the most convenient way to remove a hot chocolate stain. Put your outfit in the washer and rinse it immediately.

What should you specifically avoid while taking the stain off?

Don’t use a non-colourfast cloth to dab the garment. The dye from the cloth may rub off onto your sweater, resulting in two stains.

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