5 Reasons You Should Choose Liquid Detergents for Your Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Are you confused about whether liquid detergents are the best option for doing your laundry? If yes, then check out these five reasons why you should choose liquid detergents for semi automatic machines.


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Detergent for semi automatic washing machine
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We all know that zeroing in on the right detergent helps simplify the laundry process to a great extent. However, with the market flooded with myriad options such as detergent powder, liquid detergent, detergent capsules etc., this decision tends to become more complex.

After trying and testing different detergent formats, we realized that all have their individual advantages as well as disadvantages depending on the type of stain, load size, water temperature etc. However, over time, it was the liquid detergent format that appealed to us the most for our semi automatic washing machine. The tough stains on our clothes not only got treated effortlessly with a liquid detergent, but we also discovered other benefits like optimal machine maintenance. Read on to know more about the liquid detergent format for semi automatic washing machines.

1. Useful in Pre-stain Treatment

We have always spent hours soaking our stained garments and then scrubbing with a brush and bar to get rid of stains. This entire process was proving to be extremely tiring and cumbersome until we purchased a semi automatic machine. With a new machine to take care of our laundry needs, we were also keen to try a new detergent format that could remove stubborn stains like that of curry, paint, ink etc. from our clothes. After trying both powder and liquid detergent, we found the liquid detergent extremely convenient for pre-stain treatment.

We used Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent for this purpose as its label mentioned that it was specially designed to remove stubborn stains. It also had a scrubber cap meant specifically for pre-stain treatment, which greatly appealed to us.

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We followed a process wherein we first poured some Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent onto the tough stain. We then rubbed the stain with its stain scrubber cap. This was followed by filling 2/3rd of the tub of the semi automatic machine with water.  After this, we poured the remaining liquid detergent directly into the water inside the semi automatic machine. We then agitated the water in the washing tub of the semi automatic machine so that the detergent mixed well in the water, closed the lid of the machine and then set the machine setting dial to wash. We then turned on the machine using the wash timer button and let it run for the specified time.

This pre-stain treatment with liquid detergent followed by machine wash with the same product worked like magic on our clothes. All the stains were gone in a jiffy! The best part was we no longer had to soak clothes for long periods and scrub hard at the stains.

2. Cost-Effective And Saves Water

For doing our laundry in a semi automatic machine, we wanted to get our hands on a detergent that was easy on our pockets as well. Liquid detergents like Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent are concentrated solutions, which are designed to deliver superior results in our machine itself. We had to use just a minimum amount to wash our clothes effectively unlike regular hand wash powders which specify a certain dosage for each bucket wash. This proved to be a cost-effective option for us.

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We also noticed that other detergent formats needed a lot more water to dissolve properly.  But with liquid detergent, its liquid consistency made it dissolve easily without the need for any additional water. Also in semi automatic machines, since we can add the water manually too, we could easily regulate the quantity of water we used along with the liquid detergent. Both these factors together contributed greatly to saving water.

3. Leaves No Residue on Clothes

It is a nightmare to see your clothes come out unclean or with residual detergent on them after a wash cycle in a semi automatic machine. This is a problem we had to face when we used powder detergents. We had to wash our clothes multiple times to get rid of residue and filling clean water manually into the washing tub of the semi automatic machine for each new wash was proving to be extremely difficult. Fortunately, it didn’t take time for us to realize that the solution to this problem lies in a good quality liquid detergent.

We saw that being a liquid, Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent was able to dissolve quickly in the water inside the semi automatic machine during the wash cycle. Its quick dissolution also allowed it to penetrate the stains with ease. The result was stain and residue-free clothes after every wash, making it an instant hit with us. An additional benefit was that Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent could remove the toughest stains from our clothes while retaining the fabric's colour and appearance.

4. A Safe Option for Semi Automatic Washing Machines

We have had to deal with clumps of undissolved detergent that have clogged parts of our semi automatic washing machine and affected its functioning. The detergent residue build-up also often leads to the clogging of the machine’s three inlet and outlet pipes. After enduring these problems for a long time, we finally decided to use a liquid detergent that was compatible with our semi automatic washing machine.

We realized that a liquid detergent like Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent has a unique formulation that produces foam as per the washing machine type. With Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid detergent particularly, we noticed reduced instances of clogging and choking of pipes. We also hardly had any complaints of scaling caused by mineral deposits in hard water. This gave us assurance that our semi automatic washing machine would keep functioning optimally and stay in good condition in the long run.

5. Ideal for Any Water Temperature

We usually use cold water in our semi automatic washing machine, especially  to wash some of our clothes to prevent issues like shrinkage, colour bleeding etc. However, there were times when regular detergent wouldn’t dissolve easily in cold water. Thankfully, when we used Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent we found that it could be used in any kind of water temperature. Whether hot, cold or warm water this product was able to dissolve easily as it was a liquid and cleaned our clothes wonderfully.

How Much Detergent to Use?

In our experience, it is best to check the amount of detergent to be used on the package and follow the instructions accordingly to get an effective wash. There are some other factors to keep in mind when adding detergent to the washing tub of the semi automatic machine. They are:

1. The Load Size

We have faced instances of overflowing soap suds while using too much detergent for a small load of clothes. Hence, we wait for enough clothes to collect to ensure correct dosage and even distribution of detergent.

2. Amount of Soiling on the Clothes

Another point to consider before adding detergent is the amount of dirt or soil on the clothes. We have noticed that heavily soiled clothes need more detergent to clean well. We used 1 cap of Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent for a regular load of clothes and 1.5 cups for a load of heavily soiled clothes.

3. Type of water

We know that the hardness of water varies from place to place and hard water may need more detergent to soften it first before working efficiently. However, we have seen that liquid detergents work well with hard or untreated water as long as they are used according to the instructions on the packaging.

These five reasons surely convinced us to switch to a liquid detergent for our semi automatic washing machine, what about you?

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