Is the Door of Your Front-Loading Washing Machine Stuck? Try These Tricks

To know how to care for a front-loading washing machine, you must be aware of a few handy quick-fix tips like opening a stuck machine door. If you need help, follow the steps given below.


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How to Fix a Stuck Washing Machine Door | Get Set Clean
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A stuck door needs to be taken care of immediately. It could be due to a broken handle or a jammed lock. It would be best if you do not try to open the door forcefully as you may end up dislodging the door completely. Call for help if you do not have the necessary tools.   

However, it is a relatively simple procedure. All you have to do is follow the simple steps given here to open the door. 

Step 1: Unplug the Machine

The most important thing to remember while handling electric appliances: Safety first. Unplug your washing machine from the main switch before you start the process of opening the door.

Step 2: Open the Panel

Grab a screwdriver and unscrew the top panel. You will have to gain access to the jammed door of your washing machine from the inside. 

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Step 3: Check the Door Catch

Check the handle of the door and note the direction of its movement to know how the door catch opens. If the handle moves outwards, it pushes the door catch inwards and vice versa.  

Step 4: Open the Door

On most front-loading washing machines, there is a metallic tip at the centre of the lock where the door catch is located. Now, grab a flat head screwdriver and gently push the tip in the right direction. It will release the door catch and your door will open. 

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So, the next time your front-loading washing machine door is stuck, keep this procedure handy. If you’re looking for a good detergent, you can try Surf Excel Matic Liquid which is specially formulated for washing machines.

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