Maids, Housekeeping and Your Home

What should you do when you want to hire a maid or another home worker? Read on for advice on household management & housekeeping.


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Modern life is busy. You probably find that you spend a lot of time managing projects at work and at home – sometimes it’s hard to juggle between all the tasks you’re expected to do. When friends and family are not always close at hand, it’s easy to feel overloaded. Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could take care of things like house cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, gardening, and babysitting?

You may find it useful to hire a maid from a maid service or other domestic help. This article will provide you with some tips to find the best maid for your needs, hiring house maid services, and managing day-to-day work.

Many maids and cleaners bring their own equipment when they visit a home, but others prefer to work with products and tools purchased by the employer. Both options have their benefits, with the former saving you a little time and space, and the latter allowing you to choose your preferred quality products. Make sure you discuss this with prospective employees during the interview process.

How to Hire From a Maid Cleaning Service And Other Workers

Hiring someone to help with the housekeeping can reduce your stress significantly – but only if it works well for all concerned. It’s sometimes difficult to find reliable maids and other workers, so finding a good match for your lifestyle can be a chore in itself. Use these guidelines to get off to a good start.

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Before You Hire a Maid or Other Home Help

  1. Make a priority list of five to ten stress-busting tasks that will be the main focus for your home help.

  2. Take responsibility for tasks you prefer to do yourself before hiring help to avoid problems later on.

  3. Be realistic about the amount that one person can do – weigh the value of hiring an all-rounder vs. several part-timers (one housekeeper or personal assistant, or a nanny, a gardener, a driver, a cook, and a secretary).

  4. Decide whether you want your employee to work independently, or look to you for guidance and instruction.

  5. Brainstorm a list of ‘house rules’ – be clear about your standards and expectations from the outset.

  6. Make a list of interview questions according to your priorities and needs.

Finding the Best Maid for Your Needs: Interviews & Trial Periods

Although you may find candidates through an agency or via ads in the paper, a better bet is always going to be a referral from a friend. But don’t be afraid of conducting rigorous interviews – your standards and expectations might not be the same as your friend’s. Holding a trial period is also a good idea so that you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your helper before committing long-term.

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Managing House Maid Services

Micro-managing your home help is only going to add to your stress levels. Here are some pointers to help ensure that everything runs smoothly in your home, with minimal intervention from you.

Housekeeping Advice: Managing Your Home Help

  1. Make sure your helper can read your preferred language – this helps when you have to leave notes or put together instructions.

  2. Create a cleaning routine, meal rota, or general schedule so that your helper can work independently without referring to you. Using a household calendar and contact book will help, too.

  3. Once a week, make time to review the schedule and particular tasks together.

  4. If you want things done a certain way, take time to train your helper – it’s an investment that will pay off in the future.

  5. Maintain mutual respect between all members of the household – keep the relationship as professional as possible.

  6. Build up trust gradually – add spending power and budgeting responsibilities progressively as the working relationship develops.

  7. Be upfront and specific about boundaries and acceptable behaviour in live-in positions to avoid conflicts over free time, visitors, and internet and phone use.

  8. Budget for increased water, electricity, and food bills for live-in help.

Key Steps:

  • Be clear on what type of housekeeping services you need help with before hiring home help.

  • A trial period is always a good idea to ensure you find the right maid or cleaner for your needs.

  • Create a cleaning schedule to help you manage your hired help.

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