Tips to Remove Sticker Glue from Various Surfaces

Want to serve juice in your new glasses but don’t know how to remove sticker glue? Here are some effective tips that might just come in handy.


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Your shiny glassware can be marred by the sticky residue left behind after peeling the sticker. You may be inclined to get rid of the sticky mess by scraping it off using a butter knife. But, we strongly suggest you don’t. Firstly, it might be exhausting to scrape off the residue from each item and secondly, scraping might end up damaging your new glassware or plastic containers.

How to Remove Stickers from Plastic, Glass and Wooden Surfaces?

1) Use Your Old Credit Card

Metal knife may scratch the delicate surface but you can use your old credit card or a plastic knife to scrape off the sticky residue from your new plastic jar, wine glass or wooden surface.

2) Use Hot Water

Close the drain of your kitchen sink. Fill it up with hot water and add 2 drops of a dishwashing liquid. You can try Vim Dishwash Gel for this. It is easily available in the market. Soak the item in the solution for 10 minutes. Scrub off the sticky residue with a sponge. Rinse with tap water. Now, let the item air dry.

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3) Use Hair Dryer

Point the hair dryer at the sticky residue. The hot air will loosen the residue adhesive. You can easily scrape it off with your fingertips.

4) Use Peanut Butter

Cover the sticky gunk with peanut butter. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wipe off the peanut butter with a cleaning rag. The stickiness will leave the surface along with the butter. Now, wash the item and store it in a suitable place.

5) Use Olive Oil

Cover the sticky patch with cooking or olive oil. Wait for 5 minutes. Now, scrape off the sticky bits with a plastic knife. You can also wipe it off using a cleaning rag. Wash off the excess oil.

6) Use Vinegar    

Liberally cover the sticky surface with a thin layer of vinegar. It will soften the sticky bits. After 5 minutes, scrape off the residue with a plastic knife.

How to Remove Sticker Glue from Your Clothing Item?

You should remove the sticker from your garment as soon as you spot it. Pour some liquid detergent on the sticky part and wash it off with cold water to get rid of the sticker gunk. You can try Surf Excel Matic Liquid as it leaves no residue (like powders do) as being a liquid it dissolves completely in water.

However, if you end up putting the garment with the sticky patch in the dryer, try the following cleaning methods to get rid of the dried-on sticker residue.

1) For Natural Fibres

Pour some nail polish remover on a cleaning rag. Nail polish remover contains acetone, its ability to dissolve stains and stickiness makes it a good choice for this. Rub the spot with the sticker residue on your garment with the rag. Be firm but gentle. The stickiness will be gone. Now, wash your garment like you usually do.

2) For Synthetic Materials

To get rid of the sticker glue from synthetic fabrics, place the clothing item in the freezer for 45 to 90 minutes. The glue residue will harden. You can easily break it away from the garment using a plastic knife.

Now, wash the spot with a dish soap to remove any sticker glue residue. Let the fabric air dry.

How to Remove Sticker Glue from Metal Surfaces

1) Use Masking Tape

Cover your index and middle fingers with a masking tape with the sticky part out. Now, gently tab the sticky gunk on your metal item. You’ll notice that the sticker residue is getting lifted onto the tape. Keep at it until, there’s no more residue on the metal surface.  

2) Use Wipes

You can wipe the metal surface with a disinfectant wipe until the stickiness is lifted off the metal surface completely. Repeat the step once again if needed.


You must choose the right cleaning products to remove the sticker glue from any surface. Avoid using oil on soft and porous surfaces, and vinegar on metal surfaces. Vinegar can corrode and ruin the metallic finish or coating of the item.

Removing sticky gunk from various surfaces is not rocket science. You just need a little patience and the right cleaning ingredients.

If the adhesive is fresh, roll your fingertips along its surface. It will curl up into tiny balls. Apply some pressure to uproot the sticky ball from the surface completely.

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