Home Cleaning Games for Kids

Learn these fun and easy house cleaning games for your entire family and get your kids excited about tidying up.


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Home Cleaning Games for Kids | Get Set Clean
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Getting kids to clean the house can be a challenging task. Many parents want to know the best way to teach their kids about the importance of tidying up, but at the same time make it fun and engaging.

To help, we’ve rounded up the best house cleaning games, which are not only practical and educational but are also a joy to play!

While house cleaning games are a lot of fun, make sure your kids are always under the adult supervision while playing. Also, before using any new cleaning product or method, remember to always test it on a small, inconspicuous area first.

1) Dish-washing party

This kitchen cleaning game transforms a boring task of washing the dishes into an at-home disco! No matter whether you’re looking for cleaning games for boys or girls, this trick is surely going to be a success!

  • Pre-select a playlist of songs that your kids enjoy.

  • Tell your kids that their goal is to wash as many dishes as possible until the end of the playlist.

  • Make sure they’re using rubber gloves to protect their skin from hot water and cleaning products.

  • In the end, whoever washes the most dishes gets a small prize or a treat.

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The same kitchen cleaning game can be applied to loading and unloading the dishwasher. You can use these tips to teach your kids how to use the machine and highlight the importance of using dishwasher-safe products, like Active Wheel.

2) Role-playing games

Role-playing home cleaning games for girls and boys is a great way to help them develop their imagination while tidying up. For example, if your kids dream of being adventurous treasure hunters then why not hide small surprises like little toys or coins around the house and tell the kids that in order to uncover the treasure; they need to dust that area first.

If your kids have a more entrepreneurial streak, why not make them feel like the proud owners of a beautiful hotel for a day. Dress them in matching uniforms and tell them to prepare the house like they’re expecting some really important guests.

Don’t forget to reward them with little prizes for their hard work or to act the part of the guests to get a full 5-star treatment!

Room cleaning games with a twist

Every parent knows the struggle of tidying up the room after the kids are done playing. However, these creative room cleaning games can easily solve this problem.

  • Laundry basketball- Attach a wide round hoop to the wall above your washing basket. Make sure it’s big enough for rolled up clothes to fit through. Get your kids to practice their technique!

  • De-cluttering with I-Spy- Choose a room in your house where there are items that need tidying. Start playing “I-Spy”, but only you get to choose an item. Get your kids to put away one item of clutter from the room every time they give an incorrect guess.

3) House cleaning competitions

This is another creative house cleaning game that works well if you have more than one kid, or if you can get a friend to play with them.

Provide your kids with rubber gloves, a few sponges and a cleaning product of your choice after making sure it is safe to use. Tell the kids to stand on the opposite sides of the window, and let them enjoy a harmless spraying battle.

For competitive kids, this home cleaning game is a great solution to keep your house tidy.

Key Steps

  • Turn any cleaning chore into a fun game by setting a challenge for your child

  • Use small toys or medals as a reward

  • Keep music upbeat to encourage lots of excitement and energy

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