10 things to keep in mind while planning the family budget

Preparing a household budget is often a painful process, but we can’t stress its benefits enough.


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10 Things to Consider While Planning the Family Budhet | Get Set Clean
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While budgeting, we generally do include housing cost, food, utilities and bills, but it may be hard to remember everything. Here are 10 ways to create and manage a budget that you can stick to.

Always keep debts at a manageable level.

1) Maintenance

If you need to get your vehicle serviced, a haircut or house repaired, be sure to include it in your budget.

2) Savings, investment and contingencies

Set aside some money to be invested and some more for contingencies.

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3) Wardrobe and upkeep

Budget the cost of replacing items as they wear out and also the cost of laundry into your spending plan.

4) Gifts

You are bound to gift your friends, family and acquaintances for birthdays or other occasions. It is wise to include a typical gift expense in your monthly budget

5) Entertainment

You may feel spontaneous and fun at times; hence, it is best to set aside some money to be spent on movies, concerts, stand-ups, etc.

6) Odds and ends

Daily coffee, soft drink, munchies or maybe newspaper; these expenses add up over the month and should be included in the plan.

7) Membership

Are you a member of a gym, club or have subscribed to a magazine or two, online streaming service? If so, add them to your list.

8) Travel

The cost for your daily commute, or maybe travel to see your friends or family should also be included.

9) Groceries

Put yourself in a habit to buy all the grocery once at the start of the month so as to avoid recurring expenses.

10) Medical

Your monthly budget should be inclusive of untoward medical and hospital bills.

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