How to Care for Your Expensive Woollens

If you have a collection of expensive woollen garments, here are a few tips to care for them. Follow these tips and you can be sure to make your woollens last longer.


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How to Care for Your Expensive Woollens
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Garments made of expensive wools such as pashmina are an investment. With proper care you can flaunt them for years to come! 

We have a list of tips to help you care for your expensive woollens and make them last longer.   

While storing your woollen clothes after the winter season, wrap them with lavender sachets or neem leaves. These help repel moths.

1) Use the Right Washing Method

We suggest you always wash your expensive wool garments by hand. It’s better to use cold or lukewarm water to wash such delicate material. Hard water can cause woollens to shrink and lose shape. Also, choose the best washing liquid for wool in the market, or use a mild detergent. Always refer to the clothing care label for the suggested washing instructions.  

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2) Wash Less Frequently

Avoid washing expensive woollens frequently. It’s best to spot-treat them in case of stains. To spot-treat, rub 2-3 drops of mild detergent on the stain and gently rinse with plain water. After each use, lightly brush them with a garment brush to remove accumulated dirt and dust. Storing them without brushing can attract moths. Check to see if there’s a wool setting in your washing machine. Alternatively, wash them by running the machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. 

3) Avoid Ironing

Check if your iron has a wool setting. If not, place a cotton cloth between the iron and the woollen garment to add a layer of protection, and iron on the lowest heat setting. 

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4) Don’t Expose to Direct Sunlight

After washing your clothes, dry them at room temperature. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. Sunlight can harm their texture and cause them to shrink.

5) Store in an Airtight Container or Wrapped in Muslin

Always clean your expensive woollens and store them in airtight containers or wrapped in muslin. Cleaning them before storing is also important to keep away moths.   

There you go! Try these tips and make your expensive woollen clothes last longer.

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