How to Hand-Wash Your Woollen Gloves, Caps and Mufflers

Are you wondering how to wash your woollen gloves, caps and mufflers? Here is a simple step-by-step process that you can follow.


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How to Hand-Wash Your Woollen Gloves, Caps and Mufflers
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You may need more than a sweater to keep yourself warm when it gets really cold outside. Your woollen gloves, caps and mufflers will ensure that you’re comfortable. While you enjoy wearing them, you also need to know how to wash wool the right way. Just follow our guide to easily care for your woollens!

Step 1: Make a Soapy Solution

Take a bucket or container large enough to fit your gloves, caps and muffler. A mild detergent is the best washing liquid for wool. Fill the container with lukewarm water and add 2 tsp. of this detergent to it. Mix well. 

Step 2: Swirl Your Woollens

Put your woollen clothing in this soapy mixture and swirl it to ensure the gloves, cap and muffler gets cleaned in the solution. 

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Step 3: Scrub them Clean

Take an old toothbrush and gently rub the garment. Avoid using a clothes brush as it may damage your woollens. Scrub in the same direction, from top to bottom, to protect your woollens.  

Step 4: Soak

Soak your gloves, cap and muffler in the soapy solution for 20 minutes. Then, gently use the toothbrush to remove any tough stains.

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Step 5: Rinse

Take your woollens out of the soapy solution and rinse them in cold water. Make sure all the soapy water is washed off. 

Step 6: Dry

It’s important to dry woollen clothes the right way. After washing your woollens, neatly roll them in a towel to soak up excess water. Then, unroll and lay them on a flat surface to air-dry. Remember not to use a dryer or expose your woollens to direct sunlight, as it could damage them. 

Follow these simple steps to keep your woollen gloves, caps and mufflers clean.

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