A Simple Guide to Whiten Your Clothes Efficiently

In our experience, white clothes can only make a statement if they are sparkling clean- no stains whatsoever. Here’s a simple guide to ensure that your white clothes, both old and new, remain in top notch condition at all times.


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A simple guide to ensure quick whitening of clothes
Rin Ala Fabric Whitener

Removal of tough stains from our white clothes has always been one of the most tiring tasks ever. Most of us tend to wash our white clothes like normal clothes without paying attention to the fact that they might need an additional product to retain their whiteness. Whether it is a coffee stain, sweat mark, paint, food or grease stain, we’ve understood that the only way to bring back that new-like shine to our white clothes is to bleach them. In our experience, white clothes also tend to turn yellow over a period of time, which makes them look old and dull. Here’s a simple guide to make your white clothes whiter using bleach.

1. Do a Patch Test To Avoid Damage

If we’re using bleach on a piece of clothing for the first time, we ideally follow the instructions on the wash care label. We have found  that if the garment does not come with a label, then it is best to do a patch test. A patch test is basically done on a small inconspicuous part of the garment to check whether or not a specific product can be used on it or not. If it causes damage to the fabric, it should obviously not be used on it. For example, we recommend doing a patch test on a cuff or collar of a shirt.

2. Soak Your White Clothes in Cold Water and Bleach

We always use a sturdy bucket or tub and fill it up with water for the soaking process. Make sure that the white clothes are completely immersed in water. We combine all white clothes in a bucket for the soaking process and pour 3 ½ caps of bleach like Rin Ala Fabric Whitener in ½  bucket of water for 30 minutes. If the stains are more stubborn, then we use 3 ½ caps of the product in a mug full of water and soak the stained part for about 20 minutes before washing. Rinse and wash as usual with a good quality detergent. In our experience, Rin Ala Fabric Whitener works extremely well on white cottons and terry cots too. On reading the product label, we learnt that this highly advanced bleach releases oxygen removing tough stains and ensuring your clothes are at their brightest!

Rin Ala Fabric Whitener

3. Rinse the Clothes to Remove All the Bleach

Once the soaking process is complete, we need to get rid of all the bleach and other materials such as detergent from our clothes. We do this by removing the clothes from the bucket and washing them under cold water. We make sure to squeeze the clothes well to remove all excess water. This helps avoid any unpleasant residues left behind on the fabric.

Top Tip: Be careful about not dropping even a little bit of the bleach on your clothes, i.e. the ones you’re already wearing. Bleach droplets are known to cause spots on coloured clothing and they look ghastly!

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