Looking for Effective Tips to Reuse Paper at Home? Here You Go!

If you’re looking for simple eco-friendly tips, start with reusing paper. It will make you feel great to put that paper to good use.


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5 Ways to Reuse Paper at Home | Get Set Clean
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Reading time: 2 minutes.

Old newspapers and unwanted printouts are either disposed or tossed into a bin. But there are ways you can reuse them. So, the next time you are about to put a flyer or a scrap of paper in the trash, think about how you can reuse that paper and avoid unnecessary wastage. 

To help you out, we’ve made a list of ideas on how you can reuse paper. 

1) Craft Projects

Use the stack of old documents to make decorative items and craft projects. Involve your kids and let their creative skills flourish with projects like a collage board, a scrapbook made with cut-outs from magazines, or try origami. 

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2) Use for Cleaning

Homeowners are going to love this one. Did you know old newspapers are better for cleaning glass surfaces than cloth? For best results, spray vinegar on the glass surface and wipe it off with sheets of old newspaper. Shredded paper is also a great eco-friendly alternative to your pet’s litter box. You can start by filling half the box with litter and top it off with shredded paper. The purpose behind this is to let your pet do their job over the paper, then dispose it. This will help your pet slowly get accustomed to shredded paper, and will ensure a smooth transition. 

3) Gift Wrap

Why not use newspapers as gift wraps as well? It gives a customised feel to your presents. You can use colourful or black and white print, whatever you prefer, to wrap your gifts. This will make your gifts look fun and thoughtful. 

4) Compost Bin

If you have a lawn or a garden area, you can use torn pieces of paper as compost. You can also use them in a public garden or your residential park area. 

5) Recycle Indoors

Yes, you can recycle paper at your home itself. Involve your kids and inspire them to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. To make paper at home, make pulp by putting the old paper in a blender. Then, press the pulp into a mould. Add sufficient weight on the mould to squeeze the water out. Once it’s dry, you can use the sheet for various purposes. 

Save paper. Save the earth.

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