Want to Minimise the Usage of Paper? Try These Easy Alternatives

Minimising the usage of paper will make a lot of difference to our planet. Try these easy alternatives today!


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Want to Minimise the Usage of Paper? Try These Easy Alternatives
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Reading time: 2 minutes

Paper production is one of the most energy-intensive manufacturing fields of all time. A lot of energy gets consumed to produce paper. Reducing the usage of paper will bring in drastic positive changes to the world in long run. It can reduce your impact on forests, climate and produce less waste. Perhaps, it can save your money too! Once you develop the habit of using online modes, e.g. online receipts, online news etc, you will eventually stop using so much paper.

Mentioned below are some of the practical alternatives to using paper.

Start with not printing this list.

1) Try Cloth Napkins

Try switching to cloth napkins or handkerchiefs instead of using tissue papers or kitchen rolls. Unlike paper napkins, cloth ones can be used multiple times and are environmentally friendly.

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2) Use Both Sides of Paper

Always consider using both sides of the paper for printing, notes, sketches, rough work, etc.

3) Use Online Resources

Use online resources that allow you to collaborate digitally. Ask for online receipts instead of hard copies. Use the power of a screenshot to save details of online purchases and document it under one folder in your gallery. To stay updated on the news, take a step into the digital world and try the digital newspaper apps. You can save a massive amount of paper by adopting this practice.

4) Try to Recycle

Cover your child’s books or wrap gifts with old newspapers to give a creative look.

5) Use Boards to Take Notes

Use blackboards or whiteboards in your office or home to take notes, jot down important things, note recipes over a call or make your grocery list. Encourage your kids, family and friends to try the same. By doing this, a lot of paper can be saved.

6) Reuse Notebooks

At the end of your child’s academic year, don’t discard the books that still have blank pages. Donate them or take them apart and get it spiral-bound

Use paper consciously in order to set an example among your family and friends.

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