Try These Creative Tips to Recycle Paper at Home

Are you taking small steps towards green living? Here are some easy, eco-friendly tips and creative ideas to recycle paper.


How to Recycle Paper at Home | Get Set Clean
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Paper can be reused in so many creative ways. Recycling paper will not only conserve natural resources, but also save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Paper can be recycled easily. Your hunt for tips to recycle paper at home ends right here.

Let’s take a quick look.

1) Use It for Composting

Waste paper is a vital ingredient for a healthy compost heap. If you don’t have space or time to compost, you can still recycle paper as mulch. Simply tear it into small strips and place them around your plants. Recycling paper in this way will help keep the soil in your garden moist and add nutrients to it too.

2) Use It as Packing Material

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You can recycle newspapers for gift-wrapping and packing things. You could use them to line boxes when packing items to move house, putting items into storage, or sending gifts to friends. Wrap delicate items in newspaper and scrunch up used paper to fill gaps in the box and protect your valuables.

3) Use It for Craft

You could bind old papers and use them as a doodling pad. You can also try your hand at origami with old paper or make a collage on a poster board for your wall.

4) Use It to Clean

You can use an old newspaper to clean glass. Simply take a few drops of white vinegar on paper and start cleaning the glass.

5) Recycle Indoors

Recycle old paper into a brand-new sheet by making paper pulp in a blender. Press the pulp into a mold and add weight to squeeze out water. Once your new sheet is dry, you can use it for various purposes.

There you go! These were a few ways of recycling paper. Try them now!

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