Here’s how you can easily fix a broken swing in your backyard!

Swings tend to rust, break and look old over time. These broken swings are generally taken to professionals who charge a sum with which you can buy a new swing altogether.


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Tips On How To Fix The Broken Swing
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Reading time: 2 minutes

Today, we will show you how you can fix the broken swing in your backyard using polypropylene lawn furniture re-webbing, a needle and upholstery thread.

Staple the edge with a stapler to remember where you started from. It will also provide a temporary support till you finish the process.

Step 1:

Cut the worn out canvas and throw it away. Repaint the whole swing to cover any rust stains. Wait for a day for the paint to dry.

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Step 2:

Begin with the process of re-webbing. Take one end of the webbing, fold it up to an inch and wrap it around the top left side of the metal frame.

Step 3:

Take the webbing and wrap it vertically around both, the back and the seat, and go back and forth all the way down the swing. A little over halfway, staple the second strip of the webbing to continue the weaving.

Step 4:

Once you’re done re-webbing the whole swing vertically, repeat the same process horizontally. Use a stapler to attach the strands. At the very end of weaving, wrap the last strand around itself and staple the end.

Step 5:

Now, remove the stapler pins with a scissor and use an upholstery thread to weave the swing.

Step 6:

Place a nice, warm cushion over the seat and your swing is good to swing.

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