How Useful Are Detergent Capsules? Here’s A List Of Pros and Cons Of Using Them!

Cleanliness and convenience is a rare combination, but not extinct. And while laundry day can’t disappear, it can definitely be a lot less taxing and way more easier with detergent capsules. Read on to find out whether these capsules are really worth a shot.


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What if we told you washing could be a seamless, effortless process? One that’s easy on the clothes, easier on you. While you’re busy trying to balance your work life and personal life, keeping up with your fast paced life, you’re left with very little ‘me’ time. Having to spend the rest of that precious spare time on washing clothes should be the least of your worries.

Although there is no miracle to make those washed clothes appear as good as new, these detergent capsules sure help make the process a lot less cumbersome. With these capsules, everything you need to wash your clothes fits in the palm of your hand. So you can finally toss out those cleaning supplies, the ones that have been taking up an entire cupboard’s space.

Why are detergent capsules a trend you need to hop on?

Being incredibly compact and extremely efficient, detergent capsules redefine convenience. And given that its compounds are highly concentrated, they eliminate stubborn stains. These capsules not only come with detergent, but also with disinfectant and fabric softener, canceling out the need to add more than one product in the washing machine.

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How often have you struggled with the universal dilemma - “how much detergent is too much when washing garments?” Now save yourself the hassle of having to measure detergent, and the stress of making random guesses. The Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shots come with a pre-measured dose of detergent which guarantees a worry-free washing experience. Before adding any laundry, simply toss one capsule into the drum of your washing machine – irrespective of whether you’re using a top or front load washing machine. Give it a try and these detergent capsules will become your new favorite laundry companion! Its countless benefits are exactly what made these capsules the biggest laundry trend of 2022, a trend that’s here to stay and change the way you perceive washing.

Wondering whether these detergent capsules are smart enough for you? Here are all the pros and cons you need to know!


One capsule. Triple the benefits!

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Yes, you read that right. If you have been looking for something that simplifies your laundry regime, it’s here! The Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shots are concentrated liquids held together by a clear film that completely dissolves in water during the wash (believe it or not, this will revolutionize your laundry process). Its unique Three Chamber Smart Technology - featuring detergent, disinfectant and fabric softener, all in one - offers a number of advantages.

Its 3 unique benefits effectively help remove stains, provide exceptional care for your fabrics, and leave them feeling fresh and fragrant. A smart solution, with advanced stain removal, for the ideal laundry experience.

Say goodbye to overdosing on worries

Ever found yourself wondering, in panic, if you remembered to add that one liquid or forgot to add an essential product? Now no need for a separate detergent, disinfectant, and fabric softener and all the other paraphernalia. With detergent shots, do away with the excess worry that the mere thought of “laundry day” brings with it - the time, the effort and just the complexity of the process. Eliminate the need to use 3 different products, with one single replacement - detergent capsules that come with just the adequate amount of detergent for a single washing cycle. A hassle-free solution that consistently guarantees the best results every single time.

Did you know?

Overusing laundry detergent will result in detergent residue, leaving you with stiff, scratchy, and highly uncomfortable clothing. Detergent capsules come with just the ideal amount of detergent required for a single washing cycle, saving your clothes the risk of damage.

Less time for laundry. More time for yourself.

While we’re busy trying to keep up with the pace of this modern lifestyle, time is the last thing we have to spare. With these detergent shots, laundry will definitely be the least time-consuming chore on your to-do list. Additionally, these detergent capsules are effective on all materials, saving you from the hassle of having to separate before washing. And that’s how easy it is! So go ahead, pursue that hobby or finish that book that’s been sitting half read for weeks now. Spend that extra time on doing the little things that make you happy, spend that extra time on yourself!

Makes your laundry area clutter-free

Once you do away with those unnecessary washing products, your laundry room is sure to look a whole lot better - tidy and clutter-free. These little yet extremely effective detergent shots are the perfect solution for anyone wishing to re-do their laundry room or considering investing in a small space for the same. Being compact, these shots offer a convenience like none other, especially extra space, be it an empty cupboard or empty shelves. They give you the freedom to revamp your laundry room - modern in design with minimal clutter. Also allowing you to finally tick-off those items that have been sitting on your laundry wish-list for a long time now.

GSC Tip: Load your clothes into the washer one at a time, making sure they don’t form one lump, thus giving them room to move about in the machine.

Switching to detergent capsules is undoubtedly a wise call, but doesn’t everything come with its own set of terms and conditions? So even though they have their fair share of benefits, there are a few things you ought to be mindful of before you use your first capsule.


Dry it before you try it

While using detergent capsules it is imperative to ensure that your hands are dry. Given that they dissolve quickly, exercising caution is crucial. Reason being, if touched with wet hands, these capsules will dissolve and lose effectiveness. Although these capsules are to be handled with extra care, considering that they contain concentrated detergent, they are ideal to eliminate even the most stubborn stains.

Store with care. Keep the disasters at bay.

Given the vibrant colors and their enticing appearance, these shots instantly attract the attention of children and pets. So if there’s a toddler running around at home or if you have pets, keep these shots out of their reach. The ideal way to store them would be inside a container that is placed on a high shelf or inside a cupboard. And as soon as you’re done with the container, don’t forget to place it back safely. A little extra care will only help minimize risks. Besides this, ensure that you store these detergent capsules in a cool, dry container.

Hand washing is not an option

If you prefer washing your garments by hand, these capsules are definitely not the right fit. They are designed to be used only while washing clothes in a washing machine. And even when you are using the washing machine, be sure you don’t overload it - a subtle reminder to avoid making the process ineffective. Considering that detergent capsules act as a fabric softener, they prevent the risk of damaging your garments.

Our verdict

This fast-paced, modern life needs fast-paced, modern laundry solutions. Go the smart way for a fantastic laundry experience. If you are someone who is accustomed to using detergents even in machine washes, now is the perfect time to upgrade to a solution you’ll find as good as miraculous! Because when it comes to convenience, superior cleaning outcomes, saving time and water, it doesn’t get better than these detergent capsules. The newest laundry innovation from Surf Excel is all you need to revamp your laundry regime - fuss-free, easy solution.

Just pop one detergent capsule for one washing cycle and get the ultimate cleaning experience. These capsules penetrate deep into the fabric, working on stubborn stains to deliver advanced stain removal, care and a fresh fragrance to your laundry.

Smart washing tip: Cold water is your clothes’ best friend.

When compared to hot water, cold water is much gentler on fabric and energy saving too. If your clothes look shrunk or stretched after washing, it’s time you wash them with cold water. Cold water also helps your bright and dark clothes retain their original colors. The only time we would recommend you use warm water is when you wash your jeans or white garments.


What should you do if the shots are leaking before tossing them in the machine?

To avoid introducing moisture into the package, use dry hands when using these liquid detergent capsules. Moisture in the packaging may be the primary cause of the capsules sticking together. The biodegradable, 100% water-soluble film that makes up liquid laundry detergent capsules dissolves quickly during the washing cycle. This indicates that it is undesirable for there to be moisture or high humidity outside the wash. Such circumstances might even cause capsules to clump together or dissolve outside of the device.

How many capsules should be used for laundry?

One detergent capsule is all you need to wash a typical load of clothes. However, if your washing machine has an extra-large capacity and can carry more than 10 kg of clothes (and you've loaded it entirely), you might want to go for two shots.

Is it possible that the detergent capsules don’t dissolve?

If the washing machine is overloaded, the cycle length is too short, or you use very cold water to wash your garments, the detergent capsule might not dissolve completely. These circumstances can make it so that the capsule doesn't have enough time or water to fully dissolve.

What happens to the plastic in laundry shots?

Water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol surrounds the plastic detergent capsules which dissolve when tossed in the machine and when it comes in contact with water.

Should I add the detergent powder with detergent capsules for extra cleaning?

Detergent capsules are a hassle-free way of laundering your clothes. They work just like your detergent, in fact even better. Hence, no additional detergent powder is needed.

Are these shots cost-effective?

These shots serve 3 purposes. Along with advanced stain removal, long-lasting fragrance and care for fabrics, you give yourself the convenience of easy wash. So, in our opinion, these shots are very fairly priced.

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