Wondering What Is A Smart Washing Machine? Read On To Find Out

These days a smart internet-enabled washing machine is easily available everywhere. This article gives you brief information you need to use this modern appliance.


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A smart washing machine is the one that can connect to your household WiFi network the same way your mobile phones and computers connect. It allows you to set a wash cycle even when you are away from home. You can track and control the cycles using your phone or tablet in and out of your home. However, if you don’t have a smart phone, you can still set it manually. Today, a couple of brands have launched this smart variant of washing machine. These come with smart functionalities and great efficiency. 

Let’s have a look at how a smart washing machine functions and how you can use it.

1) Access Using an App

This smart appliance allows you to set cycles with a click on your phone. This helps you remain tension free about your laundry task even when you are at a remote place.

2) Selection of Appropriate Setting

Once you fill the necessary details in the app, it auto selects an appropriate wash setting for the load and tells you if there’s an item that needs to be washed separately.

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3) Auto-Dosing Feature

This feature helps in auto-dosing the detergent and fabric conditioner into the machine during the wash cycle. All you have to do is fill the detergent for an entire month at a time so you don’t have to dose it every time manually. The feature adjusts the amount of detergent needed basis various factors like type of fabric, amount of dirt and so on. If you are looking for a laundry detergent suitable for washing machines, you can try Surf Excel Matic Liquid. Being a liquid it washes away thoroughly without leaving any residue behind. Check the pack to understand correct usage instructions.

4) Capacity

Smart washing machines can range from 6-12kgs of load capacity. For a household of two individuals, a washing machine with a load capacity of 6kgs can be a good option. Whereas for a household of four to seven individuals, a machine with 7-8kgs of load capacity will work well and for a larger joint family, a machine with above 9-12kgs load capacity will work best.

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5) Memory Function

Some of the smart washing machine variants also remember the frequently used wash settings and will recommend the same whenever applicable.

6) Troubleshooting

If you find an issue in the washing machine, they can self-detect and troubleshoot the issues. It’s indeed a one-of-a-kind feature!

7) Tracking Energy Usage

It also helps you to check the amount of energy it consumes during the cycles on the app. You can keep a track of the amount of energy consumed for your laundry.

8) Safety

In these machines, the cycle does not start if the door is open and is not connected to the water supply. You may get notified through the app on your phone.

9) Adding Item

If you want to add an extra item to an ongoing load, it allows you to do that. Most of these come with an ‘add item’ feature. You can easily add an item in between the cycle.

10) Advanced Functionality

Some washing machines come with advanced features such as voice control system, compatibility, eco bubble technology and so on. This technology helps foam detergent with air and water before the cycle in order to generate cleansing bubbles. This penetrates faster into the fabric and ensures thorough cleansing.

11) Child Lock

If you have kids at home, this washing machine is the safest option. Sometimes, kids tend to play around the washing machine and it can get risky. This machine comes with a child lock feature as a safety measure.

12) Less Vibration

These washing machine vibrate relatively lesser than the regular ones. It’s a win-win situation!

13) Steam Wash

Some washing machines also come with a feature of steam washing. This feature comes in handy to wash delicate clothes. It helps eliminate bacteria and dust mites to a certain extent.

14) Turbo Wash

The turbo wash feature enables washing the load at a great speed and efficiency. It helps when you are running short on time and saves energy too.

15) Water Heating

This feature enables the heating of water in the wash. It helps eliminate bacteria and remove stains effectively. It also gets your clothes clean and fresh than ever before.

16) Water Proof

Some smart washing machines come with a waterproof touch panel. You don’t have to worry about touching the panel or handling the machine with moist hands. It has you covered!  

These are a few of the features offered by a smart washing machine. Due to the smart features, these machines could be a little pricey than the traditional ones. However, if you are a person whose lifestyle demands time away from home, then this washing machine comes in handy. It allows you to start, pause and end the cycle while you are on the move. It notifies you at every stage of the cycle. It can make your life much easier.

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