Is Your Washing Machine Shaking Too Much? Here’s a Quick-Fix Guide

Does your washing machine start shaking often during the wash or spin cycles? Don’t worry! Here’s an easy method to troubleshoot your washing machine.


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How to Fix a Washing Machine That Shakes too Much | Get Set Clean
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Have you noticed your washing machine rattling a little more than usual? This generally happens when the cycle changes from rinse to spin. But the good news is you needn’t worry. If your washing machine tends to shake a lot, the problem could be an uneven base. You can solve the problem in four simple steps and take care of your washing machine too. 

Step 1: Switch Off Power

Make sure to switch off the washing machine before you start. The rattling of your washing machine could be the result of an improper balance of clothes in the machine, or due to the fact that the machine itself is unsteady on the floor.

Step 2: Check the Issue

If the problem is inside the washer, try removing some pieces of heavy clothing, or shuffle the clothes around until the balance improves. If the problem is with the level of the machine, tilt the appliance to adjust the base of the side that is higher than the other. This will ensure they are all at the same height or level and the machine is steady. 

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Step 3: Fix the Issue

If the screws are worn out, broken or stripped, haven them replaced. In the meantime, you can use planks or cardboard to wedge a gap with, to support the machine. Almost any resilient material will do. You might have to adjust the wedge material a few times to get the balance just right.

Step 4: Restart Machine

Restart your machine.  

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There you go!  It’s that simple! 

Key Step:

While loading your clothes in the washing machine, load them evenly to ensure even levelling. This will prevent the problem of shaking and will also keep your washing machine in good condition in the long run.

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