Give Up These Practices to Keep Your Washing Machine in Good Health

Here are six easy laundry tips you must keep in mind in order to increase the lifespan of your washing machine.


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How to Keep Your Washing Machine in a Good Condition | Get Set Clean
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A washing machine is truly a blessing. It makes your life a lot easier by taking away the burden of washing your clothes using the traditional back-breaking process. However, there are a few things you must avoid while handling this appliance. You should not treat your washer harshly just because it’s a machine. 

Here are a few things to avoid. Keep these in mind in order to ensure a better performance from your washing machine for years to come!

1) Don’t Ignore the Anchoring of Your Machine

Don't let your washing machine wobble by not anchoring the bottom four corners properly. If the machine is out of balance, the strain can cause the washer to lose balance. If it shakes unsteadily, try to tilt and adjust the level.

2) Don’t Leave Objects inside the Machine

Make sure you take out all the objects from your clothes before loading them into your washing machine. If you leave any metal or other solid objects inside, they can cause irreversible damage. Every time you’re about to load your clothes, double-check and make sure there are no objects going into your machine.

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3) Don’t Misjudge Your Machine’s Capacity

Overestimating the capacity of your machine can shorten its lifespan. Don't load extra clothes and excess detergent in a single wash. Wash your clothes in two separate batches to ensure that your washing machine stays in good condition.

4) Don’t Abuse the Settings

Always make sure you follow the instructions mentioned in the product manual. The manufacturer provides settings to wash different clothes. Ensure you use the settings correctly for different types of clothing.

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5) Don’t Leave Wet Clothes Inside

Don't leave wet clothes inside for long after the cycle. This can cause mould, which can damage your machine and of course leave your clothes smelling unpleasant too.

6) Do Pick the Right Detergent

Different washing machines require different types of detergent. Check your manual for details on which one to select. Detergents are available in powder and liquid form. It’s best to use a detergent such as Surf Excel Matic Liquid. It’s specially formulated for washing machines. Being a liquid, it dissolves completely in water and leaves no residue behind.

To increase the lifespan of your washing machine and for it to serve you well, treat it with good care and it will give you great service for years to come.

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